Happy Thanksgiving & What I am Grateful for in 2021

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate!

We flew to Boston yesterday in order to celebrate Thanksgiving 2021 with my in-laws. Today then was full of sleeping in, eating bagels (we brought a big bag from New York City), playing board games, taking a good afternoon nap, and, of course, having a big dinner. Now our bellies are full and warm and we have already started go feel sleepy. I might have forgotten that there would be pie for dessert and had a big second helping – plus two pieces of pie and a bit of ice cream. So my belly is heavier than ever.

This year I am grateful for:

  • Rich, who is the best husband and friend, always;
  • our so far healthy pregnancy: I am now already at 29 weeks and can’t believe we still have to wait so many more weeks to meet our daughter;
  • our wonderful kittens Arti and Lotti, who keep me so much company and the best snuggles,
  • and that Arti recovered so well from here severe infection in March and “only” has to take her heart medicine once per day;
  • all the people who bore me during these last months when I was unhappy with my lack of work and travel permit;
  • that we purchased a coop apartment this year and love to live in it;
  • COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots;
  • the little trips we went on this year, e.g. to Florida and Vermont;
  • that my right wrist, which I fully broke in February, healed so well;
  • all the personal growth I have done this year because circumstances really challenged me to.

I hope you have had a pleasant and relaxing day, too! Good night!

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