Week in review: 21 – 27 November 2016

I hope you all have had a nice and cosy first Advent today! I haven’t really done much, although I got to know our new superintendant this morning. Of course I wore only a bathrobe and made the best impression with some chaos in my room. Our heating didn’t seem to be working yesterday so my roommate had called him, but was in the shower when he arrived. This is how I learned that even on Sunday mornings I should try to get up before 9.30 a.m. and wear more than a fluffy bathrobe. A blue one with white dots on it. Not very adult. Oh, and I should possibly tidy up my room. Throw out all the empty boxes, which my new toys from the Black Friday sales have arrived in. Put all my new stuff away, too. And the clothes I wore yesterday. And my hairdryer. Seriously, the older I become, the more I feel like I am turning into Bridget Jones. Then again, it could be worse. I like Bridget.

At least we now know that the heating is working perfectly, we only weren’t aware of the fact that beside that big wheel there is another tiny wheel on each radiator that you have to “open”. Some things in the US are definitely more complicated than they should be. Finally our apartment is really warming up. Next they’ll fix our backdoor, which we can’t lock properly anymore. Hopefully I won’t be at home when they do this.

|Watched| 2016 American Music Awards, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, Love by Design, Beauty and the Least, Belle and the Beast, The Beautiful Beast
|Read| 40 rules of love
|Listened to| Christmas songs
|Done| worked, went to the movies to the the “Fantastic Beasts” film, enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends and stayed with my friend for another day
|Eaten| Friendsgiving leftovers, burrito, Thanksgiving dinner, stollen
|Drunk| coffee, tea, hot chocolate
|Thought| Not over you.
|Been happy| with all my friends. Oh and shopping made me pretty happy, too.
|Laughed| much: in the movies; over Thanksgiving
|Desired| well, I bought a lot
|Bought| Christmas decorations at Michaels, many new toys for my camera and my home *oops*; booked hotels for NYC and Las Vegas
|Clicked| many many websites and esp. my new best friend Amazon

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