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Until ten years ago I didn’t even like coffee. At all. Then I went to Ireland in 2006 and that was the time when all those coffees with sweet sirups came into fashion. And sugar and I have always been in love. Basically it is sugar’s fault that I eventually became best friends with coffee. Over time I cut the sugar more and more – only in my coffee though. I loved when in Istanbul I went to the Starbucks closest to my work almost every morning to get my first dose. They even knew my name there, they knew where I worked and how I liked my coffee best. Good times! Here in Cambridge I buy coffee in the morning every now and then, but mostly I use my coffee maker at home. And of course I love the German tradition of having a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the afternoon. It is the most relaxing meal so to say. I love to sit in a cafe in the afternoon, have coffee and cake, and read a book or talk to a friend.

These days I don’t go a day without coffee. I sometimes joke that my mood is best after my second cup of coffee. It definitely helps to keep up my constantly low blood pressure. Also I am a big fan of all the pretty mugs. I have a small collection of travel ones because my friends have also given me two or three, like one with a drama queen theme. But since Christmas is approaching, I couldn’t pass by the seasonal mugs. I honestly tried to, but then Anthropologie had this huge Black Friday sale and everything was 30% discounted. That’s how the reindeer mug moved in with me. I also love slogan sweaters and shirts. So I really needed this one. And since I did so much shopping over the Black Friday weekend, I should make my coffee at home only for the next weeks (possibly months) in order to save some money. Seriously.


sweater: Primark
coffee mug: Anthropologie

© janavar

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2 thoughts on “Coffee love”

  1. Hi,

    I am a coffee person, too. Every morning I buy my coffee in the same Café – here in Dublin. The barista knows my name as well. 🙂 I really like it to start my day with a coffee to go, but I like my coffee more with milk than with sugar.

    Now I consider to buy a Christmas jumper – but I didn’t find a nice design up to now.

    Enjoy the Christmas season and your coffee.

    Greetings from Dublin


    1. The same to you!
      I’m sitting here with another cup of hot coffee 😀
      I found my Christmas sweater in Primark last year, but I think they might have some nice ones this year, too.

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