Week in review: 21 – 27 March 2022

This week in 10 questions:

  1. Is spring finally here to stay?
  2. I bought a ticket for the Placebo concert in September – Is it actually going to happen?
  3. How often can/will I sing “Hoppe, hoppe Reiter” in the next years?
  4. Is shocking pink the color of the year or is it just always my color of any year?
  5. How has Arti figured out to open the cat snack bag?
  6. Will we ever get a U.S. passport appointment for our child?
  7. And will we be able to apply for a German passport at first try?
  8. And when will I ever travel to Europe again??? (It has been 2.5 years.)
  9. Why am I not confident enough to tell people more about my freelance work?
  10. Why do people comment and make me feel bad when I mention that our baby slept well?

|Watched| GNTM, Küchenschlacht, Dinosaurs

|Read| The Magnolia Palace, The Hidden Oracle, The Dark Prophecy

|Listened to| the new Placebo album

|Done| spent much time with the baby, had her first passport photos taken, started a bit of freelance working, finally went to the new Lidl in Harlem, we had one friend over for dinner and met two friends for lunch on another day

|Eaten| bagels, rolled roast and Bohemian dumplings, pizza, risotto

|Drunk| water, coffee

|Thought| I really need to make lists in order to not forget anything

|Been happy| yes, everything went well

|Laughed| about the number of poopsplosions we had (maybe not always with a funny laughter)

|Desired| mostly shoes (cause why not):

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|Bought| food at Lidl, a concert ticket for Placebo, some decoration for a photo shoot

|Clicked| I enjoyed reading this because it is so reassuring: The CDC Changed the Developmental Milestone Guidelines—Why Now?; I like supporting Ukraine in all kinds of ways: 12 Ukrainian Fashion Brands to Support.

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