Week in review: 28 March – 3 April 2022

This week started slightly stressful when I didn’t wake up early enough on Monday morning. Then I had to rush to make it to my second postpartum checkup in time. I did some amazing power walking all the way from Midtown East to the Upper West Side. At -5°C. After all I was even faster than if I had taken the subway. I chose not to use public transport because I learned some valuable lessons already:

With a stroller in the City, you a) don’t want to take a bus because you are required to take out the baby, hold her during the whole trip and fold up the stroller – basically impossible with a newborn; b) many subway stops don’t have an elevator at all; c) many stops that have an elevator have one that is broken or under construction for several months. I only realize now how inaccessible public transport here is. Sadly.

Besides that stressful Monday morning, we had a good week. My checkup went well and I don’t have to see my ob-gyn anymore for quite some time. On Wednesday we went to the German consulate, which is right around the corner from us. We succeeded in applying both for the baby’s birth certificate and her German passport. The same day I also finally managed to find a U.S. passport appointment for her at the end of April. So hopefully we can finally travel to Germany in a few months.

|Watched| The Gift, Die Küchenschlacht, Dinosaurs

|Read| The Magnolia Palace, The Dark Prophecy

|Listened to| Placebo, some playlists, us singing “Hoppe hoppe Reiter” endlessly

|Done| had my second postpartum checkup, we applied for Josephine’s German birth certificate and passport, went on a lot of walks, met a friend for Sunday brunch, worked a little

|Eaten| bagels, pasta, pizza, donuts, grits with biscuits and gravy

|Drunk| water, coffee, beer

|Thought| everything is amazing when she smiles at me

|Been happy| absolutely and at all times

|Laughed| I am rewatching “Dinosaurs” as an adult and I really enjoy it (on a different level though than I did as a child)

|Desired| less “Hoppe hoppe Reiter”, warmer temperatures outside

|Bought| 2/3 of my Ikea wardrobe doors as well as a high chair and a carpet, new shoes

|Clicked| finally some good news for immigrants to the U.S.: U.S. immigration agency moves to cut 9.5 million-case backlog and speed up processing

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