Week in review: 21 – 27 December 2020

What a nice Christmas! Yes, we did not see our families. But we spent a cozy long weekend at home and properly relaxed. And we talked to both our families on the phone. As it first rained heavily and then got really cold, I didn’t even step outside for a few days. I don’t think I missed anything though. Everything I really needed was at home – Rich, the kittens, plenty of Christmas foods. Also a few good books and our TV. It was the perfect break and I got so many naps and kitten cuddles. At one point I even put my phone away and haven’t looked at it since.

We didn’t have an exciting Christmas, but one that fitted the year and us. The last months were stressful and so Christmas was a welcome break. I now have another week of Christmas break while Rich unfortunately has to go back to work. So I guess I’ll spend a little more time on the sofa before I start doing a few tasks that I recently neglected.

|Watched| the Grinch, many German fairytale movies, Harry Potter 5 & 6
|Read| Wicked Ever After, Murder on Cape Cod, Witch is the New Black
|Listened to| Christmas music
|Done| we went to Dyker Heights to see the splendid Christmas decorations, I went on a shopping trip to Woodbury Common Outlet (because my car needed some exercise to keep the battery charged), we stayed at home to celebrate Christmas and had a wonderful time
|Eaten| peppermint cake, Christmas cookies and chocolates, cinnamon buns, rabbit, potato salad, bockwurst
|Drunk| water, coffee, wine, eggnog
|Thought| I’ll just lie on this sofa a little longer
|Been happy| it has been a most wonderful week
|Laughed| about the kittens playing and jumping extra high
|Desired| not so much 🙂
|Bought| a few things for me, but then also for Rich for Christmas at the outlet, like these:

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|Clicked| I love eggnog and feel this recipe is the opportunity to use our ice cream maker this winter: Eggnog Eiscreme – Eierpunsch Eis für große Wintergemütlichkeit, we have only watched few of these shows: Looking for Something to Watch? Here Are 67 Shows We Binged and Loved in 2020

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