Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate!

The four of us have stayed at home of course. Yesterday was a busy day with us making potato salad, having a video call with my parents unwrapping some presents in Germany, doing laundry, a big video call meeting with Rich’s extended family, setting up all the chocolates, gingerbreads and cookies on our tables, and so many more things. By the time we finally had our traditional German dinner (potato salad and bockwurst), we were already a little tired.

We then opened most of our gifts. I happily unwrapped a Grinch mug, a weighted blanket, a DVD player for all region codes, and more. Oh, and Rich set up a cleaning person to come and clean our apartment once a month from now on. That might be my favorite gift, although I love the other things so much, too. I was also pleased with the things I got for Rich and the kittens. Two snuggle friends have now more toys to play with. And Rich does not only have many new clothes (including a hat I crocheted myself), but also two Paul Hollywood baking books. I obviously hope for lots and lots of delicious cakes and breads.

This morning we had another video call with Rich’s parents and siblings. That was when we unpacked the last gifts (like a box of wine, a perfect gift!). Afterwards, I made cinnamon rolls and have since mostly hibernated on the sofa. Let’s be honest here: I am still wearing my Christmas PJs and I do not intend to change that today. Together with my glass of wine, I feel a lot like Bridget Jones (just married).

Rich made a delicious Christmas dinner. We had decided on rabbit this year and several sides. In the aftermath of that amazing dinner I am now lying on the sofa again, having a little more wine, watching Harry Potter movies and snuggling with the kittens. I don’t think it gets any better. Although maybe I’ll have one more chocolate gingerbread heart filled with jam or two …



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