Week in review: 20 May – 2 June 2019

This has been a wonderfully slow weekend. I slept each night for about 11 hours and cuddled so much with Canavar. There are a million things I feel I should do, but sometimes it is also great to just take a break. Even though extensive to-do lists are flashing through my mind. My apartment looks chaotic even though I cleaned it yesterday. But there are moving boxes standing around, things lying on the floor, and I should put a bigger effort into selling the furniture I want to leave behind. Canavar loves the boxes though. He takes turns in taking naps in each of them.

My couch table is full of documents and work papers. And books that I really wanted to read and then give away before I move. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen though. There is still a lot of work and also many events between now and today in four weeks when I hope we move into our beautiful apartment. June is usually a little crazy because it is the last month of the school year, but I tend to make it always crazier when I move at its end. Seriously, I can’t believe I am moving again after I already moved last year. The longest I have ever lived in the same apartment since I moved out from my parents for university was 3 years. I really would enjoy staying in the same place for a little longer, but it just never seems to happen. Although this year I have an amazing reason to move.

In general I find it overwhelming when I have too many tasks in too many areas that are not related. I need to focus more on monotasking. Thus yesterday I only cleaned my apartment, had Manfred* vacuum, Canavar dusting, and I finally took my winter shoes to the basement. Today I’ll do more school work and some blog work – because everyone needs a creative diversion, right?!

|Watched| GNTM, The boy in the striped pajamas, Hanna, Die Kinder vom Alsterhof
|Read| Der Islam I, Vegetables and Vengeance*
|Listened to| the radio; podcasts: Bad on paper, Coffee blend
|Done| worked, went to my favorite dentist, went to an outdoor beer garden for the first time this year, went out for drinks with the girls on my birthday, took the bus to NYC on Saturday and spent Memorial Day weekend there, worked more, went to Cambridge River Festival
|Eaten| my last can of sauerkraut, pizza, lots of cake, hot pot, Moroccan iftar
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, cider, cocktail, white wine
|Thought| I can’t wait for summer vacation – the first week I don’t want to move much at all
|Been happy| when I arrived at work on my birthday and my whole desk was covered in glitter and there were plenty of pink things on it
|Laughed| about how much Canavar loves me – I now receive a cat bath every morning
|Desired| to know if we are approved for the apartment we want to rent
|Bought| possibly a few pairs of beautiful summer mules (psst, don’t tell)
|Clicked| I feel I really need Moving Tips these days; Batch Working sounds like a good solution for me too

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