June 2019 Goals

Wow, I can hardly believe that it is finally June. It even looks like winter has left us after seven months. This now is my big month – my last month in Boston, the last month of school for this school year and my moving month to New York City. My monthly goals therefore revolve mainly around these topics:

1. Move from Boston to Manhattan. We submitted our application for a beautiful apartment in Midtown a little more than a week ago. Since we have waited for the coop board to approve us and invite us for an interview. Please keep your fingers crossed for us! In any case we will move on the last June weekend because both our rental contracts will be up. I have already sold a few pieces of furniture, but some more will have to go. There are also already moving boxes standing around and I slowly fill them. I seriously hate moving though – if it wasn’t for such a great reason, I’d just bury my head in the sand and stay in this studio for another twenty years.

June 2019 Goals | janavar

2. End this school year well. The last month of the school year always feels the hardest because everybody is thoroughly exhausted. I plan to finish grading all class tests by the end of this week so that I have a little time for all the other tasks. My class (the 12th graders) is graduating this week already. I hope they’ll like the speech I’m going to give during their graduation ceremony. And then there is also the prom (or Abiball) on Saturday, which I am very excited about.

3. Bid farewell to Boston. Now that winter has (hopefully) passed I plan on enjoying Boston’s beautiful sides. Depending on how much time I have, I’d like to take a long walk through downtown and on the Esplanade. And I want to have a fun goodbye party at work – since several of us are leaving, we have planned a little bbq. I assume that I’ll be back in Boston every now and then as my boyfriend is a born and raised Bostonian.

June 2019 Goals | janavar

4. Do more exercise. The last months have been quite stressful and I have mostly moved in my car between places. Oh, and eaten lots of chocolate. I have finally reached a point where I realize I need to move more if I don’t want to swap my lovely wardrobe for a new one in a bigger size. So I want to at least walk around more, at least half an hour every day. It would be better if I started to run again, but I am not sure yet if I’ll find the time.

5. Enjoy this month as much as I can. Even though I might find that hard every now and then. After all this is the end of another chapter in my life. So far I haven’t really given much thought to what it will be like to say goodbye to my friends, but I am more looking forward to sit next to my boyfriend and Canavar in the packed moving van. Until then there are plenty of events. I also think that I might feel quite relieved once I’ve thrown some of stuff away – like old pots and pans, older beauty products and I’ll even leave my bedding behind.

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