Week in review: 20 – 26 November 2017

The week started with two mice incidents at home. When I came home on Monday evening, I heard something squeaking behind the stove. A mouse must have gotten into a trap. Unfortunately, the terror squeaking went on for hours. On Tuesday Canavar chased a mouse through the living room and murdered it. Unfortunately, my roommate claims he couldn’t find and dispose of the corpse. So obviously I I am dreading to come home tonight. Either my roommate is half blind (I’m not taking bets, he might actually not see a grey mouse on a grey carpet) or Canavar has moved the dead mouse. Into my room, I suspect.

Tomorrow the exterminator is coming. Again. Because I asked for that. It is still one of the most disgusting things for me about living in Boston that for most people it feels normal to share their home with mice. No thank you! There was also a study published at the beginning of the week revealing that Boston is the U.S. city with second most rodents. I am sure that Canavar is happy, but I am not. Rents are ridiculously high and I still have to accept mice?! No no no!

The rest of my week was way better. As you know I went to Montreal, and I’d say that is my city of the year. I feel really well when I’m there. Sadly, I am now on the bus back home (to the disgusting mice!). I guess in the worst case I’ll have to wake up my roommate to take the dead mouse away tonight … or I could alternatively sleep in my car. As far as I know that is a mouse free zone.

|Watched| The Man in the High Castle
|Read| Artemis Fowl, Every last word
|Listened to| Leonard Cohen, some live music
|Done| worked, flew to Montreal and stayed for the week, visited museums, went to an ice hockey game
|Eaten| Montreal bagels, poutine, pate, calf liver
|Drunk| water, coffee, cider
|Thought| I want to live in a little house with a little tower in the Plateau
|Been happy| all the time, esp. when walking through Montreal on Sunday morning after the first snow had fallen
|Laughed| yup
|Desired| no mice at home
|Bought| food, tickets, two books, a Canadiens T-shirt and hat, a wonderful pair of winter shoes
|Clicked| I took my brand new Amazon tablet with me and explored its options – it is pretty cool to borrow books and films for a few days

© janavar

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