Week in review: 2 – 9 October 2016

Today is one of those disgusting fall days when it never got light or stopped raining. It was the perfect day to look at my to-do list which I specifically wrote for my fall break this week. The most important item: turn out my closet. Last weekend I tried to find my two warm cardigans from last fall – I tipped almost all clothes out, but still couldn’t find them. For the whole week now I had to trudge through my clothes when I was in my room. It made feel very much like a clutterer. Therefore I threw everything on my bed today, put my summer wear away, folded all other clothes neatly and put them back into the closet. They even fit in.

I also noticed that I must have lost some of my 20/20 vision since one of the cardigans I had searched had been on a peg in the front all the time. Plus I might be about to develop a little hoarding problem: I found a beautiful blouse in a bag, price tag still on – I think I bought it at the end of last winter. Hopefully I’ll keep the closet as neat as it is right now for some time so that nothing gets lost again. For now I at least know all the clothes I own and can’t wait to dress up for this fall.

Over the course of the following week I intend to sort through all my other stuff, too. As I ordered a TV set, I need to rearrange some furniture. Not my favorite task since home decoration doesn’t really interest me, and I am definitely one bookshelf short – or rather: that shelf is in my friend’s apartment because he bought it for me the last time he went to Ikea; and he has headed off on vacation. I guess I should also work on my organization skills … But once all the rearrangement is done, I’ll be well prepared for long fall and winter nights which I can spend in bed with Canavar, hot tea, and great movies or series on TV.

|Watched| Divorce (great new series!!!), Measuring the World, Mockingjay Pt. 2, Cinderella, The Bourne Ultimatum
|Read| Nutshell, Silent House, Inferno, The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu
|Listened to| many different kinds of music, even some brass bands at the Honk Fest this weekend
|Done| worked, started into fall break by swimming in my friend’s pool, turned out my closet
|Eaten| pizza, a lot of pastries, ramen
|Drunk| water, coffee, peppermint tea
|Thought| I don’t have a shopping problem, only my closet is too small.
|Been happy| absolutely – like when swimming in a 90 °F (= 32 °C) warm pool
|Laughed| when Canavar slipped off when he wanted to jump on top of the couch backrest
|Desired| I think I need somebody to clean my windows
|Bought| an LED TV (finally after having gone without a TV set for 16 months)
|Clicked| Instagram



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