Week in review: 2 – 8 October 2017

Right now I am on the Amtrak train from New York City to Montréal. We are somewhere in Vermont where there is a nice degree of foliage. There are also many lakes the train passes. I am utterly happy because taking this train had been on my bucket list for a while. Once I’ll arrive in Montreal this evening after a little more than eleven hours, I’ll stay there until Saturday. Thanks to a whole week of fall break. Woohoo! Last week was mostly good and/or interesting, too:

  1. I spent much time with two Turkish friends, first in Boston, then in New York City. It is so nice to meet up, talk about common memories and make new ones. Also, it was like summer. We could sit outside in the dark when it was still more than 20°C.
  2. On Saturday evening we saw the Turkish family minister. When we left Simit Sarayı on 5th Avenue at almost 10 p.m., she was quickly ushered in, accompanied by a few guards. My friend recognized her.
  3. The diplomatic crisis between the U.S. and Turkey left me quite angry. I don’t see that retaliation has ever done any good. It also makes me wonder how great my idea to fly via Istanbul to Germany for Christmas really is.
  4. I watched the musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” on Sunday and simply loved it. It is possibly my favorite Broadway musical so far. I liked the acting and singing, but also the modern stage playing with lights and video. This musical really makes everyone be in a great mood. For the first time ever, I afterwards waited for the actors to come out and sign the program.
  5. I have managed to travel with a big backpack instead of a suitcase. Even though it is heavy, it is very convenient. I am curious if I even need all the clothes I have packed.

|Watched| Charly and the Chocolate Factory, Schloss Einstein

|Read| New York Times, The Times Magazine, The Idiot, Snow

|Listened to| Gripin

|Done| had a friend visiting, worked, got ready for my trip, went to NYC for the weekend

|Eaten| börek, poached eggs, sandwiches

|Drunk| water, coffee, tea

|Thought| This world is going crazy.

|Been happy| I had an amazing weekend with my two Turkish friends in New York city.

|Laughed| when those friends sais I was more Turkish than them because I immediately asked the Turkish Simit Sarayı manager where he was from. From Adana by the way.

|Desired| A little more sleep, but mostly that was my own fault.

|Bought| food, NYC subway ticket, the brand-new Rock Riordan novel

|Clicked| not much, also the Internet didn’t work where it should have, e.g. on the bus from Boston to New York

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