My October 2017 Goals

Fall and October are finally here. But I am not too sad. The second half of September wasn’t utterly great, or that’s at least how I have felt since I cut my finger. I am convinced that October will be so much better – at least I try not to break any of my belongings or parts of my body. I think that is a great overall monthly goal (esp. after I broke my camera in summer and had to had my car repaired [here]). Also, October is the month of fall break – next week – and Halloween. So there are hopefully exciting things going to happen. And if not – any kind of normal is great, really.

In October I want to:

  • do all the required paperwork for my finger injury;
  • have a great weekend in NYC with two graduates from my school in Istanbul;
  • explore Montreal during fall break;
  • do something I haven’t done before;
  • go to the Gripin (a Turkish rock band) concert in Boston on the last day of fall break;
  • invite friends over for dinner at least once;
  • have my car’s windshield repaired;
  • start practising my Turkish again on Duolingo;
  • book a hotel for when I’ll stay in Istanbul for New Year’s Eve;
  • start thinking of Christmas presents.

October Goals

In September I wanted to:

  • improve my Photoshop skills √ – I did, at least during the first half of the month.
  • properly plan my fall break vacation √ – It took me a little longer, but now all is booked and planned, woohoo!
  • stop working from home for school at 8 p.m. √ – I have been really good in doing this, and it makes feel so much better.
  • continue to go out in order to take photos once a week Χ – I did until I injured my finger and couldn’t operate the shutter anymore :-(.
  • drink more water and a little less coffee, esp. during the day √ – This felt great because I realized that I don’t always need a coffee first thing in the morning. And that when I don’t start with coffee for breakfast at home, I usually only drink two cups of coffee per day and feel totally fine.
  • eat more consciously √ – This worked for most of the time.
  • have my car’s windshield repaired Χ – I really wanted to call my insurance, but my finger distracted me.
  • try to attend many (social) events as long as the weather isn’t too bad and I still like to step outside √ – I think I went to a lot of different events like readings, photoshoots, going out with friends, etc.
  • finally book that Christmas flight √ – The deed is done. Yay.

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