Week in review: 2 – 8 November 2020

What a week! Most of the time we were just really anxious about the election. Then we woke up once more yesterday morning without any clear result. I had just sat down to do some grading when we heard people clapping and cars honking on Lexington Avenue. This was how we realized that Biden had won the presidential election. From that moment on the whole atmosphere in New York City lifted. People started celebrating and there was a general feeling of relief. Rich and I opened a bottle of wine and toasted Biden and Harris before we went to Times Square to join the party crowd, who was dancing in the streets. Despite – or maybe all the more because of – Covid and everybody wearing a mask and these terrible previous days everybody had spent waiting, the City finally was fun again. We have remained in high spirits since yesterday morning and hope that the rest of 2020 will finally get it right.

|Watched| The Great British Baking Show, Küchenschlacht, Emily in Paris, Operation Christmas Drop
|Read| Lord of the Rings, The Worst Witch to the Rescue, The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star, The Tower of Nero
|Listened to| Teoman concerts
|Done| worked – including from home on Friday, waited anxiously for the result of the presidential election – started celebrating on Saturday
|Eaten| pasta, bison burger, lots of Turkish food
|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine, peppermint tea, beer
|Thought| come on, just finish the counting, and later: Yay, we will stay in the City, we won’t have to organize an international move back to Europe
|Been happy| when Biden was finally declared the winner and thus president elect
|Laughed| a lot from Saturday on and generally about the kittens

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|Bought| a few things from the Sephora sale, some Christmas decoration
|Clicked| this portrait of Kamala Harris: Kamala Harris: The many identities of the first woman vice-president and plenty of other articles covering the presidential election

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