Friday’s Five

  1. The presidential election: It has been such a long week and we have anxiously waited for the result. Normally sleeping is my superpower, not so much this week. The election has still not been called, but it looks like Biden will be the winner. On Wednesday I attended a protest to count every vote. I am still shaking my head in disbelief at how the current president attacks a democratic election and does not want to concede defeat. That is why I found it extremely important to join that protest.

2. The Sephora Holiday Savings Event started and depending on your Beauty Insider level, you receive a discount of %10 to %20. I always love that bi-annual sale and ordered a few fun things just for myself:

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3. Museums every Friday afternoon: Two weeks ago my friend and I started the new – hopefully – habit of going to a museum every Friday evening after work. One reason is that New York City has so many amazing museums and wonderful exhibitions. The other is that the Coronavirus spreads more and more so that we want to make most use of our time before another big lockdown. Also, several museums are for free or have much discounted ticket fees on Friday evenings – we only need to reserve tickets a few weeks in advance. We already visited the Whitney Museum, the fabulous Studio 54 exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum (closes this Sunday) and the Morgan Library and Museum.

4. Kitten power: We are so happy with our two kittens. While we miss Canavar, those two also develop into terrific cats. They still have that lovely kitten scent on them, but grow so fast. Recently they started to be quiet all night long and only chase each other after 6.30 a.m. They snuggle with us and regularly climb on our laps. They sleep next to us and sometimes, at night, between us under the duvet. Rich even manages to cut their nails consistently, which they don’t seem to mind at all. We are quite sure about their names now: Hasi 1 (the white kitten) will most likely be “Princess Artemis” (or Arti for short) and Hasi 2 (the tabby one) will be Lotti (or Lotti Snuggles as Rich loves to call her).

5. This Grinch collection: I am not sure if you know how much I love the Grinch. Well, I love him and Max, of course, so so much that I would like nothing more than buying everything from this collection. Only I am afraid that Rich might not find it as awesome. Maybe I should just get a few things. And surprise him one evening after work with the bedsheets? Or maybe with cookies in Grinch shapes? Surely, nobody can be angry when they eat cookies …

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