Week in review: 2 – 8 December 2019

2nd Advent – and it is looking a lot more like Christmas! The previous week had still been all about Thanksgiving. But with the first snow storm this week and the first Christmas parties, this has changed. The streets are more and more decorated. Today we even saw Santa Claus and two of his elves putting up a giant Christmas wreath over a company entrance. On Friday evening we already went to the Rockefeller Center to finally have a look at t h e Christmas tree. At 9 p.m. there are significantly less people there than during the day. It is one of my absolute favorite Christmas activities in the U.S. to visit t h e tree and watch the Saks Fifth Avenue light show.

We also bought our own tree today. My strong and amazing boyfriend carried it all the way home (three blocks). Once we were done with decorating it – first we pulled out all our existing ornaments from a closet, then we went out to buy two more sets of big baubles, and eventually we even found our Navajo Christmas bulb that we had bought in winter vacation between my soft clothes in another closet – we treated ourselves to the first eggnog of the season. We then put up all other Christmas decorations (including a candle arch in the window, which apparently is a very German, but not a very American tradition). I am totally ready for Christmas season now and think it is high time to get out my wonderful ugly Christmas sweaters …

Week in review: 2 - 8 December 2019 - janavarWeek in review: 2 - 8 December 2019 - janavarWeek in review: 2 - 8 December 2019 - janavarWeek in review: 2 - 8 December 2019 - janavar

|Watched| His Dark Materials, Gilmore Girls
|Read| Der Schimmelreiter*, I Heart London*, I Heart Christmas*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| Christmas songs
|Done| worked, but also enjoyed a very early release on Monday and a late start on Tuesday due to a snow storm; visited t h e Christmas tree Friday night; went to the wonderful German Christmas market at my school on Saturday; met a friend from Istanbul for Turkish brunch on Sunday; we decorated our Christmas tree and the whole apartment
|Eaten| avocado bowl, pizza, burger, Turkish brunch, Leberkäse, potato salad, pasta gratin
|Drunk| water, coffee, different teas, prosecco, mulled wine, eggnog
|Thought| I should go on a shopping and a food diet … but maybe rather after Christmas
|Been happy| absolutely: I mean e.g. Turkish brunch and making the apartment all Christmassy in one day is pretty awesome
|Laughed| Canavar sniffed at the Christmas tree and eventually settled down under it
|Desired| I feel I don’t really need anything (although this, of course, doesn’t stop me from shopping)
|Bought| I possibly ended up at both the Marc Jacobs and the Rag & Bone sample sales and bought things; several German books at the Christmas market; a Christmas tree and some more baubles
|Clicked| wonderful photos of NYC: POSTCARDS FROM NYC (SHOT ON FILM); I loved this story about an intercultural couple living in yet another country: Living in a Foreign Country, My Fiancé and I Created a Home of Our Own

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