Week in review: 19 – 25 June 2017

Last week I managed a complete flop. If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen this on my Insta stories on Friday. When I left my house in order to drive to work, I couldn’t find my car. Up to then I was totally relaxed because, first of all, it was Friday, and, second of all, because it was only another week till summer vacation. So I was looking for my car and thought I might not properly remember where I parked it the evening before. Eventually, it dawned on me that a whole side of the street was clear of cars. I then read the sign that street cleaning takes place on every fourth Friday of a month. That’s how I knew that the municipality had towed my car. I then ordered an Uber to take me to work.

Basically, what happened is that I wasn’t aware that the street I live on is cleaned not only on one, but on two days every month. They clean the right side on every fourth Thursday and the left side on every fourth Friday. I was aware of the Thursday part because I usually park on the right side and I always read those signs. Only I never guessed that they’d clean two sides of the same street on two different days. To me that’s insanely stupid and inefficient. But then again, I never read all street signs properly.

Thus, on Friday afternoon I had to call the municipality to find out where my car was, take another Uber to the towing service, and pay $ 100 before driving my poor little car home. On top ot this I received a parking fine notice. Hopefully, it won’t happen again. I will try to read all signs. This would actually save me a lot of money.

I love this Turkish quince dessert. Find the recipe here.//Also, Ramadan finished with Eid-al-fitr on Saturday, and I am really sad that I can’t be in Turkey this year. The food during the three day long feast is the very very very best.

Canavar is so cute next to the Pusheen pillow, which I’ve got from my graduates as a farewell gift.//I eventually spent Friday evening in my friend’s pool, and there was this huge swan.

|Watched| Spice World, Wonder Woman, Almost Famous
|Read| Fashion Is Freedom, My Not So Perfect Life, Honour
|Listened to| Yüksek Sadakat, Max Herre, Imagine Dragons, Marteria
|Done| worked, had friends over for dinner, went kayaking with friends, spent Friday evening with a friend in her pool, went to the movies, went to Nahant Beach
|Eaten| paçanga böreği, mantı, quince dessert, grilled swordfish, guacamole
|Drunk| water, coffee, coke, white wine
|Thought| Wtf, how ineffecient can you be, cleaning the two sides of one street on two different days?!
|Been happy| when I retrieved my car, when I was with my friends
|Laughed| my friends and I tried to watch “Spice World”, a movie we really liked when we were teenagers – but it’s the worst film, it doesn’t even have a plot
|Desired| to kick someone (maybe even myself) when I figured out that my car had been towed
|Bought| three pairs of high heels, two T-shirts
|Clicked| this coffee lemonade mix sounds wonderful to me: “cold brew & lemonade: Zitronenlimonade trifft kalten Kaffee und es schmeckt grandios!“; so do these maamoul cookies, which are also pretty: “Maamoul Kekse mit Dattel-Walnuss-Füllung zum Zuckerfest

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