Beauty: My Favorite Summer 2017 Lip Colors

It is summer, it is warm, I feel much more energetic, and I have way more fun doing my makeup every morning. What helps is that the creams my dermatologist prescribed to me finally seem to work so that my skin is a lot clearer. That makes me feel more comfortable playing with my makeup and different colors. I admit that it probably wasn’t necessary to buy any new lip colors. Cross out ‘probably’, it definitely wasn’t. But despite the fact that I already have around 150 different lip color products (just guessing, there might be even more), I ended up with four new ones for this summer. In the previous years I was rather into matte lipsticks, but all the wonderful shiny and even metallic shades are totally my cup of tea – I just forgot about that for a while. I think they also remind me of my first lipstick experiments when I was about 14, i.e. at the end of the 1990s when frosted, glittery, and metallic lipsticks were en vogue.

First of all, I love Dior products. I’ve never had a makeup product of this brand disappointing me – and I have quite a few lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and nail polishes. Thus, the more often I saw the advertisement for the new Dior Addict lacquer sticks, the more I wanted to try them. Lazy is a grade nude that lasts long, but also fades evenly. I believe that these sticks moisturize a little, too. Which is why, I also bought it in Turn Me Dior, a bright pink, that was basically screaming my name. The pink is also okay for work, esp. with a reduced eye makeup.

I saw the BITE Prismatic pearl crème lip gloss in a Sephora store and just had to buy it. The shade Rose Pearl is a dark plum with iridiscent particles in different colors. It reminds me very much of the 1990s, but looks a lot less tacky on my lips than the products back then. It also lasts for several hours.

The Smashbox Be legendary liquid metal is amazing. I bought it in Mauve Squad, a metallic golden rose. It’s a liquid lipstick and opaque after one application. I put it on last Saturday for the graduation dance – it survived perfectly for seven hours, including dinner, drinks, and several hours of dancing (and perspiring).

I love wearing all four products on a rotating basis for all kinds of occasions. The colors and finishes are great for summer. Also, how cool is it that lip gloss isn’t as sticky anymore as it was in the 1990s? These days, my hair isn’t glued on my lips …

What are your favorite lip colors for this summer?

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