Week in review: 17 – 23 April 2017

I am back home from my two week vacation. I flew back last night. Even though I am not a big fan of flights departing in the middle of the night, i.e. 4 a.m. in this case, it was the only direct flight home. And I prefer a short direct flight to traveling for half a day. The alternative would have been to first fly to Canada and from there “back” to Boston, but that would have taken at least twelve hours instead of four. At least I slept through the whole flight and only woke up once when my seatmate, who I didn’t know at all, in her sleep huddled up to me. It was actually nice arriving at 9 a.m. to wonderful sunshine in Boston (finally!!!) and the whole day lay still ahead of me. Indeed, spring seems to have arrived in Boston because there are flowers everywhere and the trees start to become green. I can’t believe the change when I think of the last snow storm two and a half weeks ago.

The great part about coming home is that Canavar is always so happy to see me again. He already meowed when I entered the house downstairs. Before I could get my big suitcase up the stairs, I first had to cuddle with him for a long time. And I missed him, too, of course. I just don’t sleep as well when he isn’t lying on or next to me. When I unpacked, he inspected all my things and especially took a liking to all my shoe soles (for whatever reason I don’t know). Then we took a nice long nap because Canavar sleeps much anyways and the overnight flight took its toll on me. I hope I can keep that vacation feeling for as long as possible. But with spring and all that jazz, that shouldn’t prove too difficult for now. Even if there are some rainy days ahead, I have many photos to go through and posts to write about my vacation :-).

|Watched| GNTM
|Read| The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, Die Schmetterlingsjägerin, The Time of my Life
|Listened to| nothing in particular
|Done| I continued my vacation until last night, one day I went on a trip to the rain forest, on another day I went snorkeling
|Eaten| hotel buffets are my downfall, seriously, I tried all kinds of foods
|Drunk| water, coffee, cocktails, white wine
|Thought| snorkeling is so much fun, how come I didn’t do it for five years?!
|Been happy| when I returned home and Canavar welcomed me warmly
|Laughed| I accidentally laughed at the fish while snorkeling – I always seem to do that
|Desired| a new roommate or an affordable apartment
|Bought| some souvenirs like coffee
|Clicked| I didn’t really go online that much

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