Week in review: 16 – 22 November 2020

It is only three more days until we get a short break for Thanksgiving. Until recently I felt I did really well with my work-life balance. But then work caught up with me. While I feel stressed (and am still immensely grateful for my fancy $600 night guard from my dentist), I also think I have become much better over the years with just taking myself some free time when needed. Maybe it is a little easier now that we have the kittens because they demand attention and don’t wait for me to work another two hours. Sometimes they also just fall asleep in my lap so that I can’t get up to work more. And to be honest, many tasks are okay to be done on the next day.

I also learned that I sleep better when I spend a bit of active time outside. Only I don’t really like exercise. But at least for now I have come up with ice skating. I read last weekend that we can use the ice rink in Bryant Park for free when we bring our own skates. So I immediately ordered myself a beautiful pair and have started to ice skate every few days. Just skating round after round and listening to the pop music the rink plays all the time, feels quite meditative.

As for Thanksgiving I can’t wait to have two days off. On Thursday morning you can find me on the ice rink and after that at home, hopefully not working. We have decided to cook a lovely dinner, but forgo the turkey this year.

|Watched| The Great British Baking Show, The Princess Switch 2
|Read| The Tower of Nero, These Violent Delights, Mayhem & Mistletoe
|Listened to| Christmas music
|Done| worked, went ice skating, met my friend for a little shopping trip in SoHo on Saturday afternoon
|Eaten| pasta, pizza, chili
|Drunk| water, coffee, fruit teas, hot apple cider with rum
|Thought| How is the weekend always so short?
|Been happy| when my desktop arrived and then my ice skates
|Laughed| of course: kittens do the funniest, cute little things

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|Bought| ice skates, a first Christmas gift
|Clicked| it’s a little entertaining and made me feel very good about our nice apartment: 8 NYC Residents Describe the Worst Apartments They’ve Ever Rented; another important question that needs to be discussed (the article is really well written): Will Manhattan’s Elite Really Spurn Ivanka and Jared (and Their Money)?

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