Week in review: 16 – 22 January 2017

At least here in the U.S. it was a nerve-wrecking week. Trump has become the new president on Friday, as a reply millions of Americans (and imigrants) took to the streets a day later. Today everything was more or less calm. If we neglect the fact that the president and his team have started to speak of “alternative facts” they use (i.e. lies). It would be funny if it weren’t that shocking. It is definitely time to reread “Animal Farm” and “1984”, esp. since the government seems to employ Newspeak. We are tense now, waiting what all this will come to.

Even though politics were the biggest topic this week, normal life goes on of course. To me it is important to find a balance. On Friday evening I finally booked my vacation for spring break in April. On Saturday morning I protested, on Saturday evening I went to a friend’s birthday party, and we danced the night away. I used this Sunday to clean the apartment and still vacuum needles from my Christmas tree. To cuddle with the cat. And to drink coffee and eat cake. Because these days we don’t know what happens tomorrow – so I better have that cake now.

|Watched| Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Eat the World
|Read| Time Magazine, The Man in the High Castle, The Bastard of Istanbul, We Are Arrested (must read!)
|Listened to| whatever Alexa chose for me
|Done| worked, went to the Women’s March on Saturday, celebrated a friend’s birthday Saturday night
|Eaten| plantain soup, burger, fish soup, fried salmon, carbonara with scallops
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, cider
|Thought| I need to be better informed in general
|Been happy| the Women’s March actually made me happy because everybody was so enthusiastic
|Laughed| somebody told me that they wanted to order a pizza via Alexa, but ended up ordering a pizza oven from Amazon
|Desired| another U.S. president and another Turkish one on top
|Bought| I booked a vacation package for spring break
|Clicked| Why women march – A History of Marching Women; I love this outfit; besides I did a lot of background reading on political protests in the U.S.

© janavar

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2 thoughts on “Week in review: 16 – 22 January 2017”

  1. Hi,

    wohin geht denn die Reise im April? Wir sind gerade auf Fuerteventura, um eine Pause vom Winter zu haben. Ich bin sehr gespannt, was das mit Trump wird. Vorallem aber welche Auswirkungen das auf die Wahlen in Frankreich und Deutschland haben wird. Ich habe mit meinen mexikanischen Freundinnen auch schon viel darüber gesprochen.

    LG Myriam

    1. Huhu! Ich fliege in die Dominikanische Republik, aber Fuerteventura klingt auch sehr gut! Trump hat im Moment zumindest sehr negative Auswirkungen auf die Stimmung im Alltag. Aber uns schwant insgesamt nichts Gutes.

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