Photos from the Women’s March Boston

Over 100,000 people gathered today for the Women’s March Boston. I was supposed to meet my friends at 10.30 a.m., but had totally underestimated that everybody was using public transport to get to the Boston Common. All the trains arriving at Harvard Square were already full so that nobody else could get on. Eventually they sent an empty train to collect us all. The whole city center consisted only of protesters today. It was an amazing feeling that so many people defy Trump and his politics. We managed to get close to the stage and listened to speeches from Native American women, Black women and men, Muslim women, white women and men … amongst them Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who both delivered combative speeches [e.g. here]. Afterwards the Women’s March itself took place.

At the same time hundreds of thousands people also protested in Washington and many other U.S. cities. For once the climate change was useful because far more people attend marches when it’s sunny and at least plus 10°C. Today’s atmosphere was one of hope and persistance; of solidarity and not giving up. It was a great feeling to stand in the crowd and feel that democracy exists, that we can make ourselves heard. At least the world has heard of the Women’s March because there were protests on all seven continents. Nobody here is ready to bury their head in the sand.

Because I took so many photos at the Women’s March Boston, I have put them together as a gallery:

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