Week in review: 15 – 21 June 2020

This week I was quite pleased with the whole Coronavirus crisis. It was the second last week of the school year and I was so busy and stressed that it felt actually really good to work from home. It is more or less the same amount of work every year so this time I at least got enough sleep and ate rather healthy. Normally, these weeks would be so blocked with social events besides work that it is nice to experience a quiet end of the school year for once (although I also think that every ten years or so for it to happen this way is enough).

I left the City for the first time since 12 March on Friday. It felt weird to get up extra early in the morning, to take the commuter rail to White Plains, to step into the actual school building, etc. I cleaned up my classroom, talked to a few colleagues and I realized how much I miss the “old” school. Also, after a few hours I was so exhausted that I felt like falling asleep standing. It basically took me the whole weekend to recover. Well, ain’t I glad that tomorrow is the last day with proper classes and then on Friday at noon summer vacation finally starts?!

|Watched| Once Upon a Time
|Read| Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins, Harley Merlin and the Stolen Magicals, Harley Merlin and the First Ritual, The Vanishing Half, The New York Times, Time Magazine
|Listened to| some podcasts
|Done| taught from home, went to school on Friday and cleaned up my classroom, on Saturday we met with friends in Central Park and had dinner at their house – it felt almost like in the good old times
|Eaten| icecream, pizza, pasta, Thai, salad
|Drunk| water, coffee, hard seltzer, frozé
|Thought| Ah, Rich’s last birthday gift arrived – two months too late. And despite being cancelled about 1.5 months ago.
|Been happy| It was sooo good to see and talk to several of my colleagues in real life on Friday.
|Laughed| our friends showed some funny videos to us on Saturday
|Desired| summery things:

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|Bought| I ordered a few more summer clothes, subscribed to Book of the Month and to a few online magazines
|Clicked| I’ve got some ideas where we could go to if we want to leave the City this summer: The Best Summer Road Trips in Every State; some useful advice: How To Make New Friends During Quarantine

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