Week in review: 14 – 20 January

After almost three months of winter temperatures, the snow has finally caught up. The first snow storm of the season reached New England yesterday evening. First we got about ten to twenty centimeters of snow, and then, this morning the rain and sleet started. I went outside in the early afternoon and would have loved to flee back inside when I realized that freezing rain is actually quite painful – like it contains decent sized pieces of ice. But, alas, I had to clear my car of the snow. I tried very hard for 40 minutes. I used my shovel to split the frozen surface of the snow into smaller floes so that I could carry them to the side. I used my ice scraper to do the same with the frozen snow on my car. But I gave up after I had cleared the front and side windows. That was also when I realized that there was more sleet and my work wasn’t really successful. I also can’t open the driver’s door because the snow from the pavement has been shoved there. I didn’t feel good about it, but I gave up and went home. I have decided not to drive to work myself tomorrow – also because the roads are extremely wet now and we expect minus 13 °C (ca. 9 °F) tonight and tomorrow. So everything will be even more frozen. In case you are wondering: no, I do not have Martin Luther King Day off, unlike almost everybody else in the country. I can only hope that I can at least walk to the bus tomorrow morning without slipping on ice …

On a positive note, because it is obviously the deep of winter, I had this urge to become more homely and got my wool from the box in the basement yesterday. I have spent quite some time crocheting this weekend and love it because it is such a change to holding red pens and grading – that’s how I spent almost all of my previous two weeks at home. I think I’ll crochet some more this evening while watching a movie and having the cat next to me on the sofa.

Week in review: 14 - 20 January | janavarWeek in review: 14 - 20 January | janavarWeek in review: 14 - 20 January | janavarWeek in review: 14 - 20 January | janavar

|Watched| The Circle, Little Italy
|Read| Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince*, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows*
|Listened to| TNK
|Done| was sick, worked, participated in a tour through Downeast Cider Brewery
|Eaten| Turkish yogurt soup, pizza, potatoes
|Drunk| water, tea, coffee, cider, hot chocolate
|Thought| I don’t want to read or even see any more blog post about Marie Kondo/KonMari – ever since the Netflix series came out, almost every blogger seems to have jumped on that bandwagon
|Been happy| that I had a whole weekend without work
|Laughed| when I submitted all my tax filing and saw the sum of money I will receive as a return (OMG!)
|Desired| what about a beautiful snow day, i.e. day off?
|Bought| only food
|Clicked| I love both pistachios and semolina pudding – this recipe even combines both of them: [Vegan] Pistazien Grießbrei mit Dinkel; also, I am a huge fan of edamame and want to try these two recipes: Edamame gesund, schnell & einfach

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