Week in review: 12 – 18 June 2017

I am a day late with my week in review. But yesterday I had to do several things for work, and they had priority. The school year is slowly fading out though, the last two weeks have begun. On the one hand, everybody is exhausted and won’t bend over backwards anymore; on the other hand, there is this premonition of summer adventures and excitement in the air. We talk about our summer plans, about a party (possibly) right after school ends. I am even the evil teacher, already giving out summer readings to my classes.

This weekend we had the graduation dance at my school. I learned by talking to my roommate how unusual it is in the U.S. for graduates to party together with their parents, teachers, and other high school students. I actually like this – apparently – German tradition very much. It was a great occasion to dress up, have a lovely evening, and, of course, to properly say goodbye to the graduates. I am also glad that I am still able to dance in high heels for several hours. Since I’ve lived in Boston, I have worn my favorite kind of shoes so much less for a number of reasons. But I think now that I have a car, I am going to wear them so much more. The dance was already the perfect event – and it’s also nice when your students compliment you on your ability to walk (and dance) very well on 5 inch heels.

|Watched| The Golden Compass, Ice Age: Collision Course
|Read| Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age Story, Blueberry Muffin Murder, The Qur’an
|Listened to| Duman, Yüksek Sadakat
|Done| worked, paid a visit to urgent care, attended the high school graduation
|Eaten| cake, water melon, fresh almonds, chocolate baklava, icli köfte, steak
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, margaritas
|Thought| Oh man, this puts me emotionally back by about a year.
|Been happy| it was a really good week
|Laughed| there were so many fun things
|Desired| an inflatable flamingo
|Bought| a lot of food from all the Armenian shops in Watertown (I was hungry); oh yeah, and I ended up at urgent care (again), so I paid them and antibiotics (again)
|Clicked| rents in the U.S. are horrendous, esp. in Boston: “Rent is Still Too Damn High, And People Are Working Too Damn Hard” [here]; the difference between an Instagram presence and real life is huge sometimes: “My Instagram’s Perfect, My Real Life Is Not” [here]; Rosie from The Londoner recently travelled to several Greek islands, and her beautiful posts remind me of my trips there and make me miss the Aegean: “Lindos, Rhodes” [here]

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