Week in review: 11 – 17 January 2021

Every year I go through the same phase: the panic just before the last date to enter the marks for the term. It is not even like I am that disorganized or far behind with work. But these last days always have me behave like a tiny terrified rabbit in front of the big bad snake. Poor Rich has to bear me and my ineffectiveness at home – before I will find all my productive energy again immediately on Wednesday after 12 p.m.

Thinking about it, I also find it funny how the teaching profession brings out certain quirks in me. Like not sleeping well the night before school starts after a longer break. Trying to convince (American) people Rich to write in cursive and with fountain pens. And obviously the panic days before grades are due. This might even be my cue. I am looking at my hands that are covered in red ink (from refilling my pen) and I should go back to grading the last exams. K, bye.

|Watched| Barbarians, Wonder Woman 1984
|Read| Candy Slain, Outlawed, White Ivy, Granny Smith is Dead, Children of Blood and Bone
|Listened to| Roxette, Olly Murs, Taylor Swift
|Done| worked, started well into the long weekend, took a nice long walk on Sunday
|Eaten| pizza, pasta, black bean soup, lentils
|Drunk| water, coffee, rosé
|Thought| I can’t wait to have my Covid vaccination appointment.
|Been happy| when the long weekend started
|Laughed| how Arti manages to jump so elegantly onto my jodeling pickle that she starts it every time
|Desired| a very nice apartment with a private terrace (but the monthly maintenance is too high)
|Bought| two train tickets, a cat toy, a winter coat, blue light blocking glasses
|Clicked| I love marshmallows and want to try this recipe: Homemade Marshmallows ohne Eiweiß; a few non-fictional book recommendations: The 15 Best Books for Your New Year’s Resolutions

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