Week in review: 10 – 16 October 2016

A week of fall vacation is simply wonderful. Basically, I hadn’t had any fall break for six years because in Turkey there are only summer and winter vacation, and here my school introduced the break only this year. Maybe it is more of a thing in Germany to have a week off in October every year. I didn’t even know that I missed it – until this week.

I had time to do so many great things that I will feed on the memories for weeks. Except for last Sunday the weather was great so that I spent much time outside. I really have rediscovered my joy in taking photos with my DSLR, meaning I love to walk around for several hours just to shoot pictures. On my Instagram you can see first results. It feels just like I needed a little reminder of how much I enjoy crawling on the ground to get that one good shot. Recently, I mainly used my Smartphone camera because it was more convenient. Carrying around a heavy DSLR all the time isn’t always fun. But now that I’ve got to know a whole group of people in Boston that loves photographing, I remember all the advantages of having my camera with me. I can’t wait to meet up for a Halloween shooting soon.

By the way, I also did so much else these last days, there wasn’t any time to laze about. My friend and I spent several great hours at Ikea (their $2 breakfast is delicious!), and I finally found affordable canning jars, cookie tins and my new love: a simple milk frother. What a wonderful tool! I tell you it’s been a superb break and I hope I’ll carry those positive vibes with me over the following weeks.

|Watched| The Second Presidential Debate, Pets, Spider-Man, The Princess Diaries, Bride Wars, Harry Potter 1 & 2
|Read| Silent House, The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu
|Listened to| I didn’t listen to much music this week
|Done| went on a Boston Instagram portrait meet, met friends for breakfast, went to Ikea, discovered the Seaport District in Boston, watched the first two Harry Potter movies in a row in an Imax, climbed on a high rope course
|Eaten| Turkish breakfast, Ikea hotdog, cauliflower soup, Italian
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| I love my new television set. And my new milk frother.
|Been happy| all the time – it was an incredible week
|Laughed| even after the black track of the high rope course
|Desired| I got everything I wanted 🙂
|Bought| a lot at Ikea like a milk frother, a new shelf, Christmas decorations, candles, etc.
|Clicked| Jana’s terrific travel report about her trip in Vietnam



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