Week in review: 10 – 16 May 2021

This week was rather stressful. Sometimes I am not sure why we felt the need to apply for my Green Card pretty much at the same time as to buy an apartment. And deal with Arti’s regular pet hospital visits (her heart seems much better now and she only needs one medication once a day instead of two twice a day each before). And have me get a promotion and right now I have much more work than I might have wanted, particularly because of all our other “projects”.

It took a few days this week to realize that somehow everything will work out fine. It is not always easy to accommodate the number of things, but after the worst amount of stress, things always suddenly ease up. Now I have got six more weeks of the school year ahead of me, which also means that we need to move in six and a half weeks latest. No pressure at all …

|Watched| Shadow and Bone, GNTM
|Read| No Guts, No Fury; Grace Under Fury; Impostor Syndrome
|Listened to| Turkish rock, my old Spotify playlists from 5 years ago
|Done| worked, really worried about our mortgage, spent a lot of time with my friend on Saturday when seeing her new apartment and sitting in Central Park
|Eaten| banana bread, pizza, cauliflower caper salad, ice-cream
|Drunk| water, coffee, rosé
|Thought| Urgh, America, for so many reasons this week
|Been happy| when we heard that our mortgage application is still moving forward
|Laughed| we watched a group of teenagers in Central Park and it was a lot of fun
|Desired| (mostly) sparkly birthday presents:

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|Bought| oops, I ordered several Zara dresses
|Clicked| I want to make these two cakes (well, mostly eat them): Bananen Tahini Blondies and Blitzschneller Erdbeerkuchen mit Ricotta und Ofen gebackenen Erdbeeren

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