Update on My 2020 Resolutions After the First Six Months

The first half of 2020 is over and I thought it would be a good time to have a look at my resolutions again. I first wrote about them on 2 January [here] and gave a short update in February [here]. Obviously, 2020 has turned out very differently than I thought at the start of January. Back then I didn’t know that I’d be marry by now. Or that the world would be hit by a pandemic. Oh all the joys.

  1. Dry January: I succeeded and didn’t drink any alcohol in January. While I had hoped that I’d reduce my alcohol intake in general, the last few months in quarantine have taught me differently. I’ll try again … when Coronavirus is a thing of the past. 
  2. 29 Days of Blogging: I persevered and for the first time succeeded in this challenge. I published one blog post per day in February and I’m still proud.
  3. Blog at least twice a week and grow my Instagram: Here I have failed a little. Esp. at the blogging part. Particularly in April when I spent three weeks in bed. Thanks a bunch, Coronavirus! My Instagram is growing very slowly, but it is growing.
  4. Read a lot of books: While 2020 isn’t great for a lot of things, it is amazing for reading time. So far I have read 70 books. You can follow my reading journey here on Goodreads.
  5. Hit the gym two times a week: We better not talk about this. As an excuse: all gyms have been closed since mid-March. Although I am not sure if I had really gone. I am actually contemplating to just cancel my gym membership and admit defeat my dislike for organized exercise.
  6. Go back to my comfort weight: It is a long journey and I am not very consequent. In this case Covid-19 was good because it made me have terrible stomach problems, i.e. I lost a few kilos. I have also seen reason that I am really not my weight (unless I’d be overweight).
  7. Eat and drink more plant-based alternatives: We have been really good here. At home we eat meat probably about once a month. When we eat out about another two times per month. Besides, we try to substitute animal products with vegan alternatives, i.e. we mostly put soy or almond milk into our coffees, the fridge is full of almond and cashew yogurts, and we eat way more vegan cheese and cream cheese. I am afraid that at least I will not go fully vegan (or even vegetarian) because I enjoy certain foods too much. But we have reduced our animal product intake enormously.
  8. Visit my best friend in North Carolina: That will most likely not happen this year. It just doesn’t seem to be safe to travel. Also, North Carolina is now on a list of states that requires people who travel from there to New York to quarantine for two weeks. And I’d rather not go full quarantine again.
  9. AMC Stubs A-List: The one subscription I really miss. There were so many movies I wanted to watch this year in the cinema. I am longing for cinemas to reopen and my subscription to start again. But as with many other things: better safe than sorry.
  10. Pay off my credit cards: Another fantastic side effect of Coronavirus – for months I didn’t even have the opportunity to spend money. Instead I managed to pay of my credit cards and way earlier than I had expected.
  11. Don’t want to move: I am incredibly happy that we really don’t (have to) move this year.
  12. Pass at least five courses on Future Learn: In January I earned a certificate for “Digital Skills: Digital Marketing”, but ever since I have become lazy. I guess it is time to make more targeted use of my summer break.

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