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Here in Manhattan everybody always wears their face masks. They still seem to be the safest way to protect ourselves from Coronavirus. In the beginning I had exactly one disposable mask, which quickly got dirty and acquired a weird smell. Yuk. Later, towards the end of April, I  ordered some masks for us from Etsy and I also crocheted two fun masks [see here for instructions]. At the time there was such a run on masks that every order took forever to arrive. I bought a cat and a dog mask for us as well as a Cheshire Cat one for me and a Spiderman one for Rich. Even later I ordered more masks from Shein and I like them all. The quality is as great as with the other masks, but they are a lot cheaper.

I feel the face mask has become my fashion (or maybe beauty?) item of the year. Instead of putting makeup on the lower half of my face, I choose between my different masks. Who needs to buy new lipstick when there are so many pretty masks out there? Esp. since hardly anybody can see my mouth anyways.

Why do I need so many masks you ask? First of all, I don’t like wearing the same mask all the time. I love having a choice. I even more love being able to have enough masks until laundry day. Right now it is so hot and humid in the City that I start easily sweating under all masks, no matter what fabric they are made of. Besides, my masks reflect either a fashion decision or my mood (or both). I usually wear my tropical plant and bird mask for instance together with colorful summer dresses. The Cheshire Cat mask is for days when I feel rather feisty (this happens quite a lot recently, thank you, U.S. government!) – it makes me look a little creepy, but since I love the Cheshire Cat, I also love carrying his grin.

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All the Face Masks I Own:

There are still many more masks that are on my wish list. I think I will need many more come fall. Because when (or if, who knows) our school reopens, I will need several masks per day. It is mandatory to have a mask on on the commuter rail. Also, talking a lot – which is what I do as a teacher in front of a class – means that the masks get damp fast. I expect to need about 3 masks per school day. For the first school day I would love to have the masks with the pencil print. Else, I think the masks with the attached scarf should be fun, esp. when it gets a little colder outside.

My Face Mask Wish List:

At least for myself I can say that I will also use my masks once the pandemic is over: namely when I have a bad cold. It is so easy to protect other people from the viruses I carry.

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