Update on my 2020 Resolutions

The first month of 2020 has passed and I dare say that it was a very good and exciting one for me. I started the year all relaxed and awake after my two weeks of Christmas break, which I had mostly spent at home. That is how I had enough energy to start tackling my new year’s resolutions. Let’s go into detail now to see what I have already achieved.

Update on my 2020 Resolutions - janavar

  1. Dry January: I am actually quite proud that I managed to stay away from booze for the whole month. That is not easy when your friends drink alcohol or when they don’t really take your challenge seriously. Positive side effects were definitely that I just felt better every next morning. Also, my skin just looks a lot better now (and it is not even that I drank all the time). I now hope to limit my alcohol intake in general (but I will have a glass every now and then).
  2. 29 Days of Blogging: Since I am writing this post and it is the fourth one this month, I have accepted the challenge 🙂
  3. Blog at least twice a week and grow my Instagram: I managed this. Generally speaking, I even think that I have more time to blog from now on because, with the start of the second term, my timetable at school has changed for so much better. I can organize my whole work and also blogging processes more efficiently now. As for Instagram, it has grown a tiny bit. This is still a very tough task and quite frustrating.
  4. Read a lot of books: I read 8 books in January alone. That is a great amount and I really enjoyed taking the time to read. I am for now back at reading mostly cozy mysteries, although none of them totally convinced me.
  5. Hit the gym two times a week: I started well. Then I felt like I was getting sick. Then I felt more stressed. Then I had all those extra meetings that had me come home even later than usual. Then I didn’t go as much anymore. From next week on I’ll try again because then (work) life is back to normal routine.
  6. Go back to my comfort weight: At first nothing happened and I got frustrated. I went to the gym, I didn’t drink any alcohol, I stopped eating all those delicious cookies and chocolates. And still my body put on more weight. At the end of January I did a light cleanse for a week and since my body seems to slowly lose weight. Yay!
  7. Eat and drink more plant-based alternatives: I already had this plan and then we watched the film “The Game Changers”. Ever since I haven’t eaten any lunches with meat at school. At home we make more vegan and vegetarian dishes from scratch. About half of the time I drink my coffee with a dairy alternative. We are trying to eat/drink less animal products because we know what impact they have on the environment. And it seems that plant-based products are healthier for us.
  8. Visit my best friend in North Carolina: That will happen at a later point.
  9. AMC Stubs A-List: I love this subscription. Going to the movies is one of my favorite activities. That is maybe because there wasn’t any cinema closeby when I was a teenager. They had all shit down. For a few years I never went to any movie theater (my parents wouldn’t drive me/us to the ones further away). In January I watched: “Cats”, “Little Women”, “Spies in Disguise” and “Dolittle”. All of them were entertaining and well made.
  10. Pay off my credit cards: This is a longer task, but I think I am on a good way. Next week when I am on vacation I want to file my taxes. And a hopefully nice tax return will help me to achieve this goal in the foreseeable future.
  11. Don’t want to move: Yup, we don’t have any plans to do so.
  12. Pass at least five courses on Future Learn: I really like the courses this platform offers. In January I earned a certificate for “Digital Skills: Digital Marketing”. I guess it is obvious that, while I am a teacher in real life, I really enjoy digital PR topics in my free time.

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