My May 2022 Goals

Well, it turned out that April was highly unsuccessful when it came to the goals I set myself. That was mostly because I got Covid (again) and spent about a week in bed. Stupid disease! Besides, I realize I am so much busier looking after the baby. Like some days I don’t do much except for helping her live – almost everything is hard for a tiny baby :-). Most days are obviously fine, but still I usually don’t find the time to even turn on my computer for instance.

So for May I rather set my sights even lower and hope to accomplish some things.

My May 2022 Goals | janavar

My May 2022 Goals are:

  • go swimming once a week
  • get a hole in our bathroom fixed
  • submit all the documents that are still missing for Josephine’s German birth certificate
  • publish at least 2 blog posts per week
  • the car – try to reactivate my car
  • eat breakfast every day
  • find a new German bank
  • take more breaks during the day
  • give away at least 5 things via one of those no trash platforms
  • have a picnic in a park

My April 2022 Goals were:

  • get Rich a nice birthday gift – I think so, at least he didn’t complain
  • and one for my dad’s birthday – ditto
  • run Manfred (our robot vacuum) every week day – yes, and …
  • wipe the floor at least once a week – … yes, and our floors look much better now
  • get at least 5 new freelance jobs – done that
  • become more consistent again with Instagram – I have tried my best and am definitely better in planning and posting
  • travel to Boston for a weekend – we managed that

  • assemble the 2/3 doors for my wardrobe once they arrive
  • and go and visit Rich’s relatives for Easter
  • color Easter eggs
  • go to the garage and see how my car is doing after months of neglect
  • publish at least 2 blog posts per week

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