Things I Am Eying This Black Friday

Can you guess how much I love Black Friday with all the special deals? I have never been the one to enter the actual fray though because I was too lazy to be up after midnight for instance. Instead I usually do my research and decide mostly in advance what I want. I then order these things online or go deliberately to a certain store. This is my 6th Black Friday in the U.S. and I have learned over the last few years that it is always worth to look for everyday items on sale, like certain foods or cat litter. This year everything is a different obviously. Instead of one day we get pretty much a whole Black Week. This avoids big crowds (not there ever are any in Midtown these days) and hopefully flushes money into companies that deserve it.

I already bought my annual Bath & Body Works supply including their special Christmas Box – on the way home today when the store was quite empty. Besides this and maybe one or two Christmas presents, I don’t intend to buy from other big(ger) brands this year. Instead I am eying stuff from these lesser known companies:

While this blog post contains links, none of these is an affiliate link. I do not earn any money when you click on them. I just really like these brands and their products.


Most products on sale. Bedestan is a female owned Turkish-U.S. company and sells traditional Turkish bath clothes. These are all made in Turkey. Plus they are sustainably sourced, ethically crafted and really beautiful. I discovered this brand through a friend’s Instagram story a few months ago. I then ordered my robe and love it so much (the amazingly soft one that I wear in this photo and that Arti also loves) that I plan on ordering more products. I particularly love their kilim throw – I just can’t decide which color …


%30 off. Mavi is my favorite jeans brand ever. Yes, it is Turkish. Most of the pairs I own are from Mavi because they always fit and they last forever. As Mavi jeans are slightly *cough* more expensive in the U.S. than in Turkey, this sale is a great deal. I have set my eyes on the Molly Indigo Supersoft and the Alexa Mid Tribeca.


%40 off. I just mentioned my love for Korres and their amazing beauty products. The big discount on everything is fabulous and I definitely want their latest product, the Golden Krocus Hydra-Filler Plumping Cream. And the body butter in Santorini Grape. And the serum-in-shower oil in Sea Lavender. And …

Bakers Authority

%10 off with code BF2020. In spring, when flour and yeast were sold out everywhere, I looked on the internet and found Bakers Authority. I ordered several pounds of rye flour, wheat spelt and a pound of dry yeast. Enough to make sourdough, breads, cake and pies. And we still have a little left. Right now I am more thinking of buying some decorating tools and ingredients for Christmas cookies.


%20 off with code SALEOFYEAR. Ok, yes, Tulumba is another Turkish store. It sells mostly groceries, but also books and CDs. I ordered from them before – like several pounds of legumes in February when nobody yet expected the first lockdown. Maybe our kitchen cupboards were a little too full with bags of beans. Maybe we didn’t have to worry about going to a supermarket for months because we were prepared. Right now we could possibly do with a few new bags. But I also wouldn’t mind a bottle of my favorite olive oil or some manti (similar to ravioli, but much smaller).

Lele Sadoughi

%15 to %30 off. I think their headbands are so chic. But also expensive. Thanks to the discount, I am now contemplating the black velvet multi crystal headband or the knotted candy jeweled headband.


Last but not least, I would love to support independent bookshops – even if books don’t have a special sale (and I also think they should not). On my wishlist right now is Barack Obama’s autobiography, “A Promised Land”.

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