Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate!

I started today with an early round of ice-skating at 8 a.m. Although this morning it was more like water-skating as it had rained overnight and there was quite a big amount of water on the rink. Afterwards I picked up a few fancy rolls and pastries from a Scandinavian bakery for breakfast. While Rich already spent the morning in the kitchen, I enjoyed more coffee and snuggled with the kittens. Followed by a nice long afternoon nap. And some more kitten snuggling. I only moved into the kitchen in the early evening to also contribute to our dinner. This year we chose a chicken over turkey because it is only the two of us (well, two humans and two kittens really) so we didn’t need a big bird. To be honest, we still ended up with too much food because of all the essential side dishes (as in several kinds of vegetables, two kinds of mashed potatoes, two pies …). We’ll feast on them for many more days. While I enjoyed the last two Thanksgivings with Rich’s family, I also love this very slow and cozy one with just us.

This year I am thankful for:

  • Rich – bestest husband in the world –
  • and Arti and Lotti – bestest kittens in the world –
  • the 9 wonderful years I had with Canavar – also bestest cat in the world –
  • that we managed to get married at our 3rd attempt
  • our families and friends to be all well
  • that we recovered well from Covid-19 in April
  • that we haven’t had even one big fight with us spending so much time alone together and mostly at home
  • all that me time this year for me as an introvert
  • my job that I really like
  • us to live in Midtown Manhattan
  • my revived ice-skating passion
  • my car still driving strong: it survived two trips to Maine and back this year
  • the new president elect
  • marzipan potatoes, sour peach rings, salt and vinegar chips
  • the Great British Baking Show

© janavar

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