Outfit: Colorful Laundry Dress

I spent most of the day outside in the sun because there was a sports day at school today. Obviously, I was only responsible for supervision, but didn’t do any sports myself. That was definitely better because I still remember how bad I was in PE as a kid. I just couldn’t throw a ball wide, or worse put the shot (I could hardly lift the metal shot – actually, I still can hardly lift it FYI). I only did well in running. I am sure I am so much better in supervising kids doing sports, carrying a folder with their names from one station to the next, and sometimes span the distance at broad jump. I still got much fresh air and sun today. And my tan freshened up. I am lucky that I already spent two whole weeks in the sun during spring break. My skin then had enough time to get used to the sun and tanning, while I was mainly lying on the beach or in the pool.

My skin always is quite pale after a long winter, but I think that a light tan suits me much better. It makes me look more awake and a little more alive (although I often also work with blush against my lividity). In summer I just prefer to be tanned. What is more, I love wearing colorful clothes, and I believe they suit me better, once my skin has acquired some tan.

For my vacation in the Caribbean I had packed several colorful dresses, like the Laundry one in the photos. I bought it two years ago after I had just moved to Boston, but my wardrobe hadn’t arrived yet. To me it’s the perfect New England summer dress because of its three-quarter sleeves. But the bright colors definitely distinguish it from the same old unicolored clothes here. I am definitely going to wear it all summer long this year, too.

By the way, the dress was also great during my vacation in the Dominican Republic. The weather in April was wonderful. It wasn’t awfully hot so that this dress with its longer sleeves worked fine for me. Also, I think that the colors match the evergreen Caribbean flora very well. In summer though I don’t plan on going far away, but I rather want to explore the Northeast more, e.g. go to the Niagara Falls, the Finger Lake Region, and Toronto. But I am sure that all these places deal well with bright colors. It might be more important that the weather is nice so that my tan won’t disappear any time soon.

Do you also wear summer dresses several seasons in a row? And what are your summer colors?

dress: Laundry (old)
belt (old)
shoes: Birkenstock

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