Résumé: 28 Days of Blogging 2017

Wow, not only is a sixth of this year already over, but today is also the last day of our #28DaysOfBlogging challenge. I have published 27 posts on my blog this February. There is only one missing from 17 February, when I had to take care of some other very important things and didn’t even come home before midnight. Except for this one day, I am proud that I’ve managed to stick to the challenge. February hasn’t been my greatest month. I ended up being sick and also staying in bed for many days. That definitely influenced my blogging. I learned that it would have made much sense to prepare more posts, but as it is I finally used much material from the previous two years. If it hadn’t been for me lying in bed sick, I might have still not presented to you my Turkish trips to Rize [here] and Sümela Monastery [here]. Writing a post every day reminded me that I still have many older photos I want to show you.

Résumé: 28 Days of Blogging

Unfortunately, writing every day – besides doing my normal job – also means that I had far less time reading other blogs than I usually have. I also commented less and less, which is something I hopefully will find more time for from now on. You might have not noticed, but I even stopped using my Instagram this month. I guess working and blogging would have been fine with everything else, if only I hadn’t fallen sick. But in regards to the challenge, February definitely was a successful month for me. Last year I participated as well, but managed to publish “only” 24 out of then 29 posts.

What I liked about the challenge was that I never ran out of ideas. It was rather the other way round: the more I write, the more ideas I get. Also it created a better routine for me. Normally, I often feel too tired or distracted by other things, so that I rather wouldn’t blog. But now that I’ve worked on my blog every day, it doesn’t feel like such a biggie anymore. Also I have definitely become faster in editing my photos and writing a text.

Another great aspect was that I’ve got to know many amazing bloggers and their blogs. There were almost 30 of us participating in this year’s challenge. These were the other awesome participants:

I haven’t really had time to decide how I’ll continue in March, but I suppose that I’ll return to blogging about three to four times a week. I mean do you have time to read all my posts even? And next year I definitely want to participate again in #28daysofblogging because it is fun. I might even try not to get sick.

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1 thought on “Résumé: 28 Days of Blogging 2017”

  1. Wow it’s totally amazing to write 27 blogposts in 28 days. Congratulation. I hope that I’ve enough time to read all of them, because I think it’s help me to improve my English, too. For me, it’s totally fine to write 4-5 travelreports a month, because it takes a long time for writing and I need so much time to push my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat Account and my Facebook Fanpage. And I need time to comment other blogs, too.
    Maybe you could change your priorities every month like me. At the moment I am focus on my Instagram Account.

    Greetings Myriam

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