My March 2017 Goals

New month, new luck. In February I didn’t get much done because I spent so many days sick in bed. Therefore I’m building my hopes on March. Actually, March is full of work, not only because I didn’t get as much done in February as I had planned, but also because some new projects have come up recently. I am spending the weekend after next with students at a conference for instance. I am looking forward to this very much already. And anyway, even though it looks like my March is characterized by work, April will be a fun month when I’ll spend my two weeks of spring break in the Dominican Republic.

So these are my goals for March:

  • find a new and suitable roommate – this is rather important;
  • go to the beach at least once;
  • clear up at least one of my bookshelves – eating humble pie this month ;-);
  • put my winter clothes away and take out my summer ones – this depends on the weather because today we’ve got minus 5 °C, but I definitely need my summer clothes for my April vacation;
  • start making plans for this summer;
  • exercise a little – and if it is only walking to or home from work more often;
  • try to learn a few words of Spanish for my vacation – I’ve just discovered Duolingo and already love it to practise and improve my Turkish;
  • try not to do buy any cosmetic product – I have the feeling that my cabinets are overflowing;
  • also use foot cream every day in order to get ready for my vacation;
  • write for at least fifteen minutes every day no matter if it’s for the blog, stories or in my notebook.

Those were my February goals:

χ go to the beach at least twice – I didn’t even go once;

χ leave Boston at least once – nope, I stayed in the city;

χ and go to a place I haven’t yet been to;

succeed in the 28 Days of Blogging challenge [here] – I blogged on 27 days;

throw out all the empty boxes I don’t need and probably never will – I threw away most of them, but there are still a few left;

χ organize important documents and put them in one folder – I haven’t even bought a folder yet;

χ do something I haven’t done before – unfortunately I didn’t have any opportunity;

use up more food, esp. that canned sauerkraut which I’ve had for ages – I was good here, but have to continue eating even more from my storage cupboard;

invite friends for breakfast – I invited them for Turkish breakfast, yum [similar to this one];

χ clear up my bookshelves – ehm, no, but I still found all the papers for filing taxes.

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  1. Dann hast du ja was tolles vor, im April….freue mich für dich…. Urlaub in der Karibik. Liebe Grüße von Silke (stilleleserin)

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