Outfit: That 90s Summer Feeling

I spent most of my summers in the 1990s in Germany because my parents had the idea of first exploring our home country before going abroad. So we went to another region in Germany each year. As a kid I was easily satisfied with afternoons in a public outdoor swimming pool, but I don’t remember much more of these vacations. Well, I also remember the fashion. I know for instance that I had this fake fur sweater with short sleeves which I wore at least one summer long. Thank god for the often cool German summers. I had belly tops, short and long wrap skirts. I wore sneakers together with dresses and skirts, basically I wore sneakers all through the 90s. I had tattoo chokers like all girls. And even though that decade often made me decide for one fashion faux pas after another (I still vividly remember a long granny-like skirt with little flowers on it), I still associate it with a splendid time. When you are a kid and a teenager, fashion disasters don’t matter as much – or at least in times before social networks and constant digital photos they didn’t. It was mostly fun to try different styles, from the all black grunge to the very colorful ravers. It was also the time when I first “borrowed” my mom’s mascara, drew way too thick lines with kohl, and went to sleep every night with pigtails in order to have waivier hair.

Of course not everything went smoothly, I mean I was a teenager hitting puberty (or rather being hit by it from the way it felt). But today I have long forgotten those bad sides and love to remember all the great parts. Like the summers when I started doing more things on my own. When I was fourteen, my parents let me go on a youth travel to Slovenia for two weeks. Not only did I go abroad, but I also discovered that all I really needed for a perfect vacation was being at the sea. I still love exactly this, and I still love many of the 90s fashion trends. So last year when we had the first summer days – in April last year, not as early as February like this year – I started dressing more like in the 90s again. I can’t wait to wear the outfit again this year.


sweater: Gap (old)
top: American Eagle (old)
skirt: Zara (old)

© janavar


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  1. Yes 90s Fashion all the way! I’m so glad this trend is coming back (I’m waiting for the 80s though). Do you know why? I recently read about that in a magazine! It’s because all the young and trendy designers that are now in charge of our fashion choices are kids of the 90s and it’s a “nostalgia and preaching the good stuff” (like you) thing 😀

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