Recap of My 2020 Resolutions

Man, I feel I was so motivated to start the year on 2 January when I wrote about my 2020 resolutions [here]. Even still when I gave a short update in February [here]. Then March hit and Covid-19 and suddenly everything went down the drain. Particularly my resolutions. Or, more importantly, my motivation. So I managed to keep about half of my resolutions, which in regards to Coronavirus doesn’t feel too bad. The virus made a few of my goals simply impossible. Others lost their importance in my eyes. I am not even yet sure if I need specific resolutions for next year. But maybe that might change tomorrow 🙂 . I at least already created a mood board with the things I would like to focus on and wish for in 2021.

Recap of My 2020 Resolutions | janavar

As for my 2020 resolutions:

  1. Dry January: I succeeded and didn’t drink any alcohol in January. I also did another month without alcohol in August/September. But at the same time, I drank much more alcohol this year overall. It has been a crappy year – but the wine was awesome.
  2. 29 Days of Blogging: I persevered and for the first time succeeded in this challenge. I published one blog post per day in February and I’m still proud.
  3. Blog at least twice a week and grow my Instagram: I didn’t think I did great here, but just checked and realized that, including this one, I published 141 blog posts this year. While I haven’t consistently blogged twice a week, it is a little more than two posts per week on average. My Instagram is growing very slowly. I recently posted some winter and Christmas in New York City Reels that attracted a few more people.
  4. Read a lot of books: Here I aced. I had a lot of time for reading and finished 113 books. You can follow my reading journey here on Goodreads.
  5. Hit the gym two times a week: First I didn’t go. Then the gyms all shut down. Then they reopened, but I decided I didn’t feel safe exercising in a gym in a basement. So I cancelled my membership and that was the end to that.
  6. Go back to my comfort weight: 2020 changed my view a little: I have a great comfort weight. It is the weight I have right now. I also love wine (see no. 1) and chocolates. And when times are shitty, eating delicious foods is great.
  7. Eat and drink more plant-based alternatives: I would say 50/50. We ate much more consciously and tried more plant-based products. But especially towards the end of 2020 we consumed quite a few meat products, also because I craved a lot of comfort foods like schnitzel or liverwurst.
  8. Visit my best friend in North Carolina: It didn’t happen since we didn’t travel with the exception of two trips to the family homestead in Maine. We didn’t meet any other family or friends. Hopefully next year …
  9. AMC Stubs A-List: I loved it so much, but movie theaters in the City have been closed since March. It is the one thing I miss the most. I really really hope that cinemas will reopen and show new movies. Soon. Please.
  10. Pay off my credit cards: Everything was closed so that I couldn’t spend much money. Instead I paid off my credit cards and have ever since kept a positive balance. It is a great feeling to not have any debt by the way.
  11. Don’t want to move: At least this is something I am very happy about in 2020. I love our apartment and the whole house/coop.
  12. Pass at least five courses on Future Learn: In January I earned a certificate for “Digital Skills: Digital Marketing”. Then I didn’t feel motivated and let it slack. At least I attended a few other professional developments.

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