Outfit: My Favorite Turtleneck Sweater

My favorite item of clothing this winter is the turtleneck sweater I ended up buying after I had been soaked during the Rockefeller Christmas Center Lighting [here]. That evening I only wanted a dry and warm sweater. Obviously it was love at first sight because I found it within five minutes after I had entered the Forever 21 store on Times Square. It is also the first and only mustard yellow piece in my closet. Since that night I wear this sweater at least twice every week. I love that it is not only warm, but also long. Even though it isn’t my most important criterion, it was also really cheap, being from Forever 21. Besides, I am a big fan of turtlenecks because they make me feel so cosy. When it was cold in December, I sometimes wore a fur-lined vest on top. But since we now have almost spring-like weather, I wear the turtleneck sweater alone, usually together with jeans.

I wonder if the weird weather – it is way too warm for a Boston winter – is due to the climate change. Tomorrow here in the U.S. we have a new president, who doesn’t care for environment protection (and many other things besides). The new president is the most discussed topic at the time. Here in Massachusetts the majority is sad to see Obama go. My Facebook feed is full of photos and articles mocking Trump, very unlike the respect past U.S. presidents received. On Saturday there is a Women’s March [here], the largest taking place in Washington D.C. But there are many more marches in big U.S. cities. My friends and I are going to attend the one in Boston. Individual women (instead of an organization behind it all) have organized this event, but women as well as men are going to protest for more equality of all different groups – and thus criticize the new direction the next government seems to break out in.

I am shocked by recent political developments in the world: I am scared what Trump and his supporters will do to the U.S.; I am upset how Turkey abolishes its democracy and everything it stood for in the 20th century by changing the constitution; I am afraid of the open Nazi speeches in Germany [here]. It seems so easy to appeal to people’s emotions and create fear. Unfortunately, many people retire into private life instead of intervening. I still hope that people will wake up soon and recollect themselves.

Now I don’t know how to eloquently come back from disturbing politics to my favorite sweater. I guess it is not possible. Or at least I would end up writing something really stupid (like: Is it time to hide my face in my turtleneck? or: My sweater’s color might be similar to Trump’s wig, but I still love it.) Let’s leave it at that: I love my turtleneck sweater, it is my greatest purchase of the winter. I dislike the current political developments. And we should speak out against those.

Outfit: My Favorite Turtleneck Sweater

turtleneck sweater: Forever 21
jeans: Mavi
shoes: Guess
watch: Misfit

© janavar

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