Outfit: First Summer Dress

Hi from the Dominican Republic! I am very much in love with everything right now – the dark-green palms, the warm sea, the perfect climate with high temperatures (finally!), my big hotel room, the food choice, the convenient bar in the pool, etc. After two Boston winters, I don’t even mind the heavy showers every two days anymore. And they are over after one or two hours anyways. I spend most of my days sunbathing because it just feels so good to finally feel the sun again on my pale skin. Seeing palms and the blue sea is also always a plus.

It is hard to believe that a week ago I was still wearing my warmest winter coat, whereas now I get to wear all my favorite summer dresses. It is a pity that I don’t seem to put them on as often as I used to, like when I lived in Istanbul. Well, thank you very much, weird New England climate! I guess I really need more trips and vacations further south. One of my favorite dresses ever is the one in the photos. I bought it in Istanbul. The little shop on the main road close to my home always had ugly show windows, but once I entered there was a whole paradise of amazing clothes. I guess I have had that particular dress for three or four years, and it still looks perfect. I love its colors and pattern, the length, and especially the slightly shorter trumpet sleeves. Obviously, I am very fashion-conscious and knew already a few years ago that trumpet sleeves would be in vogue this year. Hehe. Well, no, I simply buy only the clothes I absolutely love.

I also still wear the Mango sandals everybody had two years ago. I remember how I first looked at them in the shop, decided not to buy them, and once I changed my mind, they were sold out. But one of my best friends bought them for my birthday in another store. Since I find them very comfortable, and they still look good, I am going to wear them this season, too. The only knew thing which is part of this outfit is my Marc Jacobs bag. I think it’s gorgeous, and since I bought it in Las Vegas [here], I take it with me everytime I go out. Even though I didn’t take many handbags with me, I obviously ended up packing way too many things for my vacation because I didn’t want to leave any of my dresses behind. They all deserve to see some sun, too.

Dress: Passager (old)
Shoes: Mango (old)
Bag: Marc Jacobs

© janavar

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