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I seem to read different book genres in phases. At the beginning of the year I devoured fantasy novels, and for the last few weeks I have got totally lost in chick lit novels. Finally, I have also found out how I can use my Galaxy Tab to borrow books from the online library. As much as I love real books, it is so convenient that I don’t have to go to the actual library every two weeks to return books. Plus I can access the online library from everywhere, like when I was on vacation. Out of the novels I recently read, I really liked these:

Lindsey Kelk: “A girl’s best friend”*

This novel is the third volume of Kelk’s “A girl” series. This time Tess decides to visit her best friend Amy in New York City for Christmas – but that is the city where journalist Nick, who broke her heart, lives. Also she has just got the offer to found a company together with Charlie, who she had been in love with for forever. But she would prefer to stay a photographer, if only she’d find another big job. Arriving in the city, she has got four days to take a photo for a competition that could save her career.

Emma McLaughlin: “How to be a grown-up”*

Rory has just taken a new job when her husband Blake, an unsuccessful actor, decides to take a break from her and their two children. Although she is a well-experienced decorator and in her forties, she suddenly has to work for two twenty-something girls that get all the money from daddy, and believe that in a company the details aren’t important. Now Rory struggles to find her way around her new job, to save her marriage, and be a good mother in moments when she only wants to cry.

Sophie Kinsella: “Shopaholic to the rescue”*

This is already the eights volume of the Shopaholic series, and it is still quite entertaining. This time Rebecca’s dad has just left for a trip without saying anymore than that he has to “put something right”. Suddenly she, her husband and daugther, her best friend, as well as her mom and her friend sit in a car and try to follow. They drive cross-country, and also visit Las Vegas. Using all their detective skills, they slowly put together what happened fourty years ago, and what the dad is about to do. On top of that, Beccy has lost her passion to go shopping …

Candace Bushnell: “Killing Monica”*

For some reason, I either like Bushnell’s novels – or don’t like them at all. This one is well written and easily readable in my opinion. It is about Pandy, who is a famous writer in New York City. Everybody knows and loves her novels about Monica, and she even used to be best friends with the woman who played Monica in the screen adaptations. Until that woman stole her one boyfriend … The book tells what has happened to Pandy in the past, and eventually arrives at her present. I especially like the twist towards the ending.

Garance Doré: “Love Style Life”*

Strictly speaking, this of course isn’t a novel, but “Love Style Life” is a great and entertaining book. I like reading Doré’s little stories from her childhood in Corsica to her student life and her success as a blogger. French women just seem to live at ease, or at least they are really good in selling that idea. By the way, the book also looks amazing on my side table.

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