My July 2017 Goals

Woohoo, summer vacation has started. Obviously, relaxing is quite exhausted so that I couldn’t bring myself to blog. I mean lying on the beach and celebrating Independence Day takes up a lot of time. Seriously. Oh, and playing Age of Empires. Does anyone remember this? I recently found my ancient CD-Rom. And vacation is the best time to play a PC game for several hours in a row. I have always loved strategy games – although I am still mostly losing in this one, damn. But I also want to do a few other things this July.

In July I want to:

  • have a great housewarming party for and with my roommate – it is set for this coming Saturday;
  • sort out my car insurance – better don’t ask;
  • request my absentee ballot for the German election in fall;
  • have the cigarette lighter in my car repaired – I actually had this done today, but it was a big July goal; now I can finally charge my smartphone when driving;
  • organize a few things for the coming school year, but really only a few;
  • eat from my provisions;
  • go on at least one road trip: I am definitely going to the Niagara Falls and Toronto, but I might take either one big trip including other destinations or several small trips.

In June I wanted to:

  • go to the beach several times √ – I went to the beach once or twice. But I spent much time on the water as in on the Charles River.
  • start baking more again Χ – I baked only once. There were so many events I attended and tasks to be finished that I didn’t find the time to bake.
  • tidy up my room √ – I did that, and now I should probably do it again, donkeywork.
  • see if Canavar likes roadtrips Χ – he is still waiting for his first drive with me.
  • plan at least one roadtrip for my summer vacation √ – yup, done.
  • work through a longer list of tasks before summer vacation starts √ – absolutely, otherwise some kids wouldn’t have received their report cards 😉
  • eat more from the freezer so that my roommate can also put food in there *oops* √ – we share the space in a more balanced way now.
  • try not to buy coffee to go, but make it at home √ – my car is a great help here, I don’t even have the opportunity to buy a coffee on the way to or from work.
  • say no to everything that I don’t feel comfortable doing (for others mainly) √ – there was one incidence that taught me to say no and stick to it.
  • use my season pass and go canoing or SUPing twice a week √ – I went mainly kayaking and love it.
  • have a housewarming party for and with my new roommate  – this Saturday is a much more convenient time.
  • enjoy the graduation ball at my school √ – we had a ball :-D. It was a wonderful night.

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