M Montreal – My Favorite Hostel Ever

When I travel alone – which is most of the time – I try to stay in inexpensive accomodations, esp. in cities. That allows me both to travel more and to have more money to spend on my trips. When I booked my hostel in Montreal though, I didn’t expect much. I paid 113 USD for five nights in a ten bed dorm for women. The reviews for M Montreal were very good, but I didn’t totally believe in them. Until I arrived in Montreal on Monday evening. My Uber (with the nicest driver I’ve ever had by the way; so maybe it’s a Montreal thing) dropped me off, and I only realized the next day how central the hostel is. It is in the middle of the Gay Village and only a three minute foot-walk from the big metro station UQAM.

When I entered the dorm in a newly built building, I was surprised in a very positive way at how spacious the room was. Not only did ten beds or five bunk beds, resp. fit in, but there were also a corner with a desk and one with a sofa. Since we were only three in that room that first night, I chose a bed at the bottom. Every bed has a wonderful curtain that keeps out the light and some noise; two power outlets (you receive free WiFi in all rooms); and plenty of space to store your belongings. Besides, the bed is comfortable and I slept really well every night. The bathroom was cleaned daily and very nice, too. There even was a bathtub. Oh, and towels are included as well.

But instead of taking a bath downstairs, there is an even better option on the rooftop: two jacuzzis. I spent Tuesday evening in one and watched the sunset. Then I went there on two other nights in the dark (M Montreal closes the rooftop at 10 p.m.). Of course the jacuzzis are very popular, but that’s also how you meet most people in the hostel. At one point we were thirteen people in a hot whirlpool – and nobody wanted to get out of the water.

On Friday evening a group of us who started talking while in the hot tub went together to the hostel bar. I only went there once, but also felt that the bar is a great part of M Montreal. The drinks are affordable and it is easy to talk to everyone around. The hostel offers a different kind of theme every night, like there are pool nights, board game nights, etc. On Friday there was a live band, and I particularly liked that it wasn’t too loud so that you could still chat.

Last but not least, breakfast is included as well. Now, I stayed in hostels before where I’d rather forego the free meal, but here it is very good. You get coffee and tea as well as juice. There are toast, waffles and fresh croissants, and also jam, peanut butter, margarine, and boiled eggs. There is nothing else to wish for when you pay just about 22 USD a night. I have stayed in much worse places that cost way more (last Sunday in NYC for instance). All guests I met agreed that this is the most luxurious hostel we have ever seen. Some of them also tried the two kitchens and were stoked.

M Montreal has definitely become my favorite hostel ever and I hope to go back there. I already asked and they said they would try to keep the jacuzzis open all year round, haha. Check their website: http://www.m-montreal.com if you want to know more. Also: I didn’t receive any kind of compensation for this post. I booked it online because it was cheap and had good reviews, and I paid for the hostel myself. This post only sounds like advertisement because I enjoyed staying there so much.

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