My Winter Vacation Plans

Do you know what one of the most pleasant feelings for a teacher is? The last day of school when a break starts. You have the evening off, you do not have to work, and the whole break is still ahead of you. It is simply wonderful. I have this feeling right now since a whole week of winter break is starting tomorrow. I worked today, but, ever since I got home in the afternoon, I only sat down, played with Canavar, talked to friends on the phone, got my suitcase from the basement and didn’t really do anything. I probably should have packed my suitcase a little more instead of just throwing all clothes I liked in there, but there is still time tomorrow morning.

This time I have a bigger trip planned: My boyfriend and I are going to fly to Las Vegas tomorrow evening. There we have rented a car and are going on a road trip to several national parks. Although I have been to Las Vegas once, I didn’t leave the city. So I find it even more exciting to see a totally different region and landscape of the U.S. Unfortunately, the weather forecast predicts far colder temperatures than I expected. I was hoping for spring, but it looks a lot like more winter now. Oh well. I can always stay in the hotels we booked and enjoy their indoor pools. Else, I think we are going to take many long walks and I want to take a zillion photos. I have packed my camera, all lenses and my tripod. Some of our scheduled stops are: Las Vegas (obviously), Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. I hope I’ll manage to get up one morning to watch the sunrise in one of the canyons.

I have planned not to take my laptop with me, but I’ll obviously be online thanks to my phone and tablet. I probably could do without my tablet, too, but I use it as an ebook reader. Therefore it is one essential (this or packing five heavy books). Besides my technological devices, I’ll only bring clothes. I am very excited about this trip. Since we’ll drive from place to place, I also won’t have the time to do any work in between. And that feels just wonderful after those last six exhausting weeks. And now please excuse me, I have to watch some more television to properly celebrate the start of winter break.

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