My First Ever NYFW Event

It is New York Fashion Week right now. Being the big Sex and the City fan I am, attending any event was always a dream. Because I am on winter break this week, I had time to scroll through Facebook on Monday. In one of the NYC blogger groups I found the invitation to a Covergirl designer popup event. All I had to do was to send an email and the PR person put me on the guest list. So a few hours later, on Monday evening I went to the brand’s store in Times Square.

The designer of the night, @jus10hisfashion, waited inside the entrance. Every now and again models walked around the store in his collection called “Tailored and Scraped”. I particularly liked the idea of putting little slips of jeans into the hair. According to the model, it was a wig.

The Covergirl store in Times Square covers two floors. On the upper one there was a deejay as well as a fun video booth, some finger food and drinks. The whole store caters toward clients who like social media. The light is great everywhere and there are plenty of mirrors and computers to personalize makeup items. I had a lot of fun trying them.


Another great offer were two makeup artists. I asked Angel to touch up my makeup. And I was very pleased that she didn’t change much about it, but only blended it much better than I had done. She also added an amazing eyelid line.

I of course also checked out the Covergirl makeup. I used their Olay foundation before and liked it a lot. But I also liked their variety of mascara and got myself a few to try them. (Just FYI, Covergirl makeup is sold as Max Factor in Germany.)


Overall I really liked my first New York Fashion Week event. I was asked several times if I were a blogger – yes. After more than ten years of blogging, it still feels good to say it out aloud. (Even though) It is just my biggest and over the years most consistent hobby. I was even asked for my business card – which I don’t have. But living in the City might be a good enough time to finally create one.

Several people also asked me about my tattoos. So after all I guess it is time to write a post and tell you a little more about them.

Blogging as a hobby means that I won’t be able to attend most NYFW events. This year it was more of a coincidence that my winter break fell into the same week. Else, I would have to do a lot more research and plan for a few months ahead.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun 🙂 I used to watch Americas next topmodel and that, of course, was COVERGIL we love you! 🙂

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