My Current 10 Favorite Beauty Products

For all my adult life I have loved to try new beauty products. Every now and them I stick to some because I love them more than others. Last year I noticed that I have bought less new full-size products since I subscribed to the Sephora Play Box. That’s a monthly box with five beauty samples. In fall 2019 I also discovered sample sales in Manhattan, i.e. products by one brand are sold for much less for few days. This is how ended up buying and liking the Dr. Jart moisturizer, the Stila foundation and both Tocca products, which have all made it onto my top 10 list. It definitely is a lot of fun to get great and effective products for cheaper :-).


Caudalie Eau de beauté*: I love to use this elixir between cleaning my face and putting on my serum. It makes my face feel refreshed and already getting a first dosis of moisture.

Dr. Jart Water drop hydrating moisturizer*: The air is so dry this winter so that my facial skin has also become pretty dry. Looking for solutions, I discovered this Dr. Jart moisturizer and love it. It is more like a gel and so hydrating. Another plus is the fresh smell.

SkinLab Instant radiance booster: This is such a fun product. I either use it under my foundation or just alone to give my face a more balanced look. It indeed adds radiance without making my face look oily.

Stila Lingerie soufflé skin perfecting color*: Yup, this foundation is pricey (even at a sample sale), but it is absolutely worth it. The texture is really soufflé-like. I always use my fingers to tap the foundation into my skin. The very light shade is perfect and its coverage medium. Depending on how much product I use I can build up the covering.

Benefit BADgal Bang! Volumizing mascara*: This was a product in one of the Sephora boxes. Although I am usually to cheap to spend much money on mascaras, I must admit that this one is amazing. It adds both volume and length to my lashes, stays put for a whole long day (and night). On the other side, it is even easy to remove in the evening.

Moodmatcher Twist stick orange*: I own a high number of lipsticks. But ever since I ran a 5k with Moodmatcher last fall and received some of their products, I have hardly used any other lipstick. The sticks look funny because they come in all kind of weird colors, even in blue and green – but on the lips, they change to slightly individualized colors. The orange stick is my go-to lip product because on my lips it turns to a very pleasant pinkish coral tone. Besides, the color lasts forever, it doesn’t even fade when I eat, and it is absolutely kiss-proof. Considering the low price, I don’t think I’ll ever use many other lipsticks (no guarantees though because I know myself).

Marvis Cinnamon mint toothpaste*: I don’t think it is a secret that I love visiting dentists for checkups and am quite committed when it comes to caring for my teeth. This toothpaste is not much different to your usual one when it comes to consistency and results. But the cinnamon taste is different and delicious. I love to alternate here a bit because it makes tooth brushing even more fun.


Amika Bushwick Beach no-salt wave spray: This spray was also once in a Sephora box. I usually use it when I wash and dry my hair before I go out. It adds a lot of volume and texture.


Tocca Tuscany beauty hand wash: I admit that this is a luxury product (if not bought in a sample sale) and there are plenty of cheaper hand washes around with great scents. What made me love this liquid soap is the tomato vine and wild primrose scent. It is subtle, fresh and extremely delicious.

Tocca Tuscany hand lotion: Since matching products look great in our bathroom and make me feel very adult, I also bought this lotion. Besides the scent I love its effect. It is quickly absorbed and moisturizes my hands.

My Current 10 Favorite Beauty Products - janavar

What are your favorite beauty products these days?

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