Outfit: Rocking around the Christmas tree

To be honest, I am way too lazy to really rock around the Christmas tree. Also it would prove too difficult since I’ve put my Christmas tree into a corner of the living room. And everytime anybody gets too close, the tree sheds loads of needles. That doesn’t stop the cat from brushing against it all of the time though. He also drinks most of the water from the stand. Yes, I know my cat is a little disgusting. But I love him. At least he hasn’t tried jumping on top of the tree or stolen one of the tree balls, so we are good. Believe me it wasn’t easy to get a Christmas tree: I had seen many trees about five weeks ago everywhere, like in supermarkets. But I thought it was a little early to buy one. Instead I put up all my other Christmas decorations. Then, about ten days ago I was finally ready for a tree. I went to the closest supermarket because, not having a car, I didn’t want to have to carry it very far. Only all their trees were sold out. And that applied to all the shops I looked at (or made my friends have a look). Seriously, I am in America, the country of capitalism, and they don’t have trees to sell two weeks before Christmas anymore?! I was devastated. There can’t be Christmas if I don’t have a tree. I whined about my sad situation to one of my best friends, and she had the perfect idea: Since she and her husband went home to their families for two weeks over Christmas, I could have their tree. They would have thrown it out otherwise. So I eventually got my Christmas tree. I picked it up on our last day of work and immediately decorated it. And it’s perfect. I also like this idea of “recycling” a tree.

Having my own Christmas tree, I am now absolutely ready for the holidays. For the last three days we have mostly relaxed. That means that Canavar takes one nap after another, and only wakes up to drink water, meows for his favorite wet food or purrs for even more affection from my side. I also take naps, although not as many as he does, drink huge amounts of hot tea and coffee, and read much. Today I have started “The girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins (no, I haven’t watched the movie yet) and I find it very thrilling.

This is actually a very relaxing Christmas break. I have managed to buy presents for everyone, the decorations are up of course, and thanks to a visit to the weekly market there are oranges and chestnuts waiting for me. The weather is amazing thanks to very bright and sunny days in Boston. And even though many might doubt it, I am very happy with my decision not to fly to Europe this Christmas. Instead I am going to meet my parents somewhere for vacation during spring break, and we’ll have much more time together and it’s going to be more exciting than being at home for Christmas to eat, watch TV and sleep. I mean that’s what I do here anyways – minus the flight and jetlag. And for Christmas itself I go to my friend’s house and celebrate with her and her family. Knowing them, we might do some rocking around the Christmas tree there.

T-shirt: Primark
Flannel pants: Anthropologie

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