28 Days of Blogging 2017

Like last year Nia from but first, create! has organized the campaign “28 Days of Blogging”, meaning a whole bunch of bloggers is trying to publish one post a day on their blogs for the whole month of February. Last year I managed to write 24 out of 29 posts (since 2017 was a leap year). I remember that I did well in the beginning, but had too much work stress towards the end of the month, which was when I couldn’t keep it up anymore.

So this year’s challenge is to succeed even more. I have already taken down many ideas for blog posts, but of course I also need to write them. On the positive side, I think this February will be a little more quiet than last year’s in general. I will most likely stay at home during the one week winter break. Also I am still trying not to do any work for my job after 8 p.m. which should leave me enough time to prepare blog posts at least the night before. On the other hand, there is a lot of work that needs to be done within the next two weeks. Plus I am not good at writing when I am in a bad mood – which at least last week was more often the case than not. Therefore one my goals is to use blogging as an outlet or offset.

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These are my favorite posts of the ones I published last February:

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2 thoughts on “28 Days of Blogging 2017”

  1. Hello Jana,
    well, da hast Du Dir ja was vorgenommen. Aber ich bin gespannt, habe im letzten Jahr ja alles gelesen 😉 Ich freu mich drauf 🙂

    So, nun muss ich weiterputzen 😉 Bei mir ergibt sich in dieser Woche auch etwas Neues…wir werden sehen, ob das auch so alles klappt, wie ich es mir vorstelle.

    bye bye

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