My February 2017 goals

On a personal level January was a really good month for me. I mostly managed to get enough sleep, to quit working at 8 p.m. latest, and to go out often. It is only now that I have caught my first cold of the winter – and it’s already February. Not bad for someone like me who is exposed to more than two hundred people and their bacilli on a daily basis. So once I feel better again, I plan to do the following things this February:

  • go to the beach at least twice;
  • leave Boston at least once
  • and go to a place I haven’t yet been to;
  • succeed in the 28 Days of Blogging challenge [here];
  • throw out all the empty boxes I don’t need and probably never will;
  • organize important documents and put them in one folder;
  • do something I haven’t done before;
  • use up more food, esp. that canned sauerkraut which I’ve had for ages;
  • invite friends for breakfast;
  • clear up my bookshelves.

The great thing about February is that I am going to have a full week of vacation, starting in two weeks, which leaves me much time to do whatever I like to. Also I have checked the weather forecast: Unless we are in for a surprise, there won’t be any real winter weather soon. And since February is so short, we might not have any cold winter this year – I mean we are due to an amazing spring in March, aren’t we?

Also, this January I did:

book that spring break vacation for April because I love looking forward to trips – I am going to the Dominican Republic. Actually, I am meeting my parents there. I can’t wait for our all-inclusive vacation on a tropical beach.

take a 20 minute walk in daylight every day because I know it improves my mood very much. – Yep, almost every day. Thanks to all the protests, I probably got more fresh air than ever before during any winter.

throw all magazines from 2016 into the trash because I am really not going to read them again. – I did, I am very proud of myself. And as for the Time Magazine, once I’ve read an issue, I take it with me to work where other people can read it, too.

buy a birthday present for my mom before her actual birthday. – It even arrived five days before her birthday.

tidy my desk so that I can use it. – I am working from my desk right now.

I did not:

χ go ice-skating. – I find ice-skating weird when weather is like spring.

χ read “The Man in the High Castle” by Philip K. Dick (this is the novel the series with the same name is loosely based on). – I started, but haven’t finished it yet.

χ figure out how early I would have to apply for another apartment if I wanted to move. – This is not going to happen. I did some research, realized that rent is too high, and will therefore stay in my shared apartment. Unless a wonder happens. Hello wonder, where are you?

χ try going to the Boston Impact Hub again every Monday evening. – I never went. If I don’t go during the next two weeks, I’ll cancel my membership.

What are your goals for this February?

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3 thoughts on “My February 2017 goals”

  1. Hello Jana,

    wow, ich kann wieder täglich was von Dir lesen 🙂

    Meine goals (vermutlich Ziele? Kenn das Wort nur als “Tor!”) im Februar sind:

    – mein Gewerbe weiter einrichten (heute Gewerbeanmeldung hinter mir)
    – für mein Gewerbe nähne (freu)
    – Bücherstapel aussortieren und die Kiste Bücher meiner Freundin zurückgeben
    – die Wohnung auf Vordermann bringen, so eine Art kleiner Frühjahrsputz
    – meine Artikel fertig bringen für den Blog
    – ich sollte wohl auch täglich die 20 min raus…vielleicht sollte ich nach dem Kindergartenweg noch einen Block rumlaufen….würde mir wohl auch gut tun 😉

    LG und wir lesen uns diesbezüglich dann im März wieder

    PS. ich freu mich für Dich und die Reise mit Deinen Eltern in die DomRep. Mein Mann schwärmt immer so davon, er war schon dort.

  2. Das mit den endlich Essen aufbrauchen, steht auch bei mir im Februar ganz oben auf der Liste! Ich versuche etwas weniger verschwenderisch zu sein und vielleicht gelingen ja dann ganz coole andere Rezepte 🙂

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